Slick Sather

Here’s the bastard who magically convinced Bob Gainey to take Scott Gomez off his hands. Gomez still had five years and 30 million left on his seven year, 51.5 million deal when Gainey had the biggest brain fart of his life.

Gainey also threw in Ryan McDonagh, Chris Higgins, Doug Janik, and Pavel Valentenko for Gomez, Tom Pyatt, and minor leaguer Mike Busto.

Copy this photo and paste on your dartboard. Just don’t hit the crest.

3 thoughts on “Slick Sather”

  1. Red Fisher, the best and most knowledgeable hockey writer EVER has retired……………………… Altho Slates can’t take all the credit for pulling off the greatest heist of the last 2 centuries, Gainey deserves credit also, it will defiantly be remembered as part of his great legacy. Unfortunately, the same is true for the good ole Peterborough lad. I will always remember Sather for that more than all his Stanley Cups.

  2. This is one of the biggest screwjobs in NHL history. Ugh. What we gave up and what we got in return is a crime. Well played Mr Sather, well played. Someone change one of his cigars for those novelty exploding ones.

    To quote Danno: Is Gomez gone yet?

    I’m sad to hear Red’s retiring. He really is a legend and there are few that can match him. Enjoy retirement Red, you deserved it.

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