Sky Pilot

I’ve posted this before (twice) but I don’t care. I’m proud of what happened.

I was a small town newspaper guy and my editor phoned me at home one evening and asked me if I was interested in flying with the Snowbirds for an hour or two.

When I said of course I was, she told me to get on the next ferry to Vancouver Island, check in at CFB Comox where I’d spend the night, and the next morning have fun.

So I did. And it was awesome to say the least.

We flew in formation, we went straight up and straight down, we flopped over upside down, and at times our wings seemed to almost touch the ones beside us.

At one point the pilot told me that he wanted a closer look at a fishing boat down below and told me to take the handle and do it. So for several seconds I was in control of a Snowbird all by myself, taking it down closer to the water.

And although he warned me beforehand that many guests lose their lunch at some point and showed me where the barf bags were in the cockpit, I didn’t need them. Very proud about that.









5 thoughts on “Sky Pilot”

  1. DK, in the late 60’s you & I and several others were all SKY PILOTS, but your trip tops them all!

  2. I would just about give my right nut to do what you did here ! Holy Mother of Pearl ! You are the man !

  3. Moved back to Trenton, Ontario. Still am an employee of A.G. Calgary but on long term disability after a brain stem stroke last July. Sure thought it was going to be a HAWK – HAB FINAL Take care Dennis,


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