Sittler Got Ten

My old buddy Mike Williamson was talking to Darryl Sittler for a few minutes last week when he was making his elevator maintenance rounds, and Mike mentioned to Darryl that he and his wife Diana were at the Gardens the night Sittler had six goals and four assists for an incredible ten points.

Ten points in one game. Imagine. Too bad he was a Leaf. But on the other hand, it was against Boston!

In honour of Mike chatting with Darryl, here’s Sittler getting his ten.

Against Don Cherry and the Bruins.


9 thoughts on “Sittler Got Ten”

  1. What’s remarkable is that Darryl Sittler accomplished about two years worth of Scott Gomez’s work in one single game; and at a fraction of the cost.

  2. Hey Dennis.
    That year I was in Toronto going to school and starting my first year of post secondary education. My brother had Leafs season tickets up in the greys at centre ice in the old Maple Leaf Gardens.
    And yes I was there as Sitler scored his 10 points. A magical evening…a once in a lifetime event that you never forget. And I believe that April in the playoffs defencemen Ian Turnbull (ex Ottawa 67) scored 5 goals in a playoff game to also tie and NHL record.
    And I was a Hab fan in an enemy building. I didn’t even like the Leafs.


  3. I became a Hab fan after the Leafs won the cup in 1967 and thanks to the curse of JW they haven’t won one since.
    I delight in telling Leaf fans that I actually saw the Leafs win a cup in my lifetime…something they will probably never see.
    Sorry that being a Hab fan ended in 92 with the arrival of the Sens. The Habs move down a slot to number 2 on my list for winning a cup.
    Should be a good one tonight. A Sens win over the Hamilton Bulldogs last night didn’t prove that much. A better test tonight.

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