Sit Back And Enjoy Others Pound Away

Isn’t it nice to sit back, put the feet up, smile, light a stogie, stretch, hum a tune, clean ear wax, and watch other teams beat each other with sticks while our team has already got the job done?

At this point in time, Boston leads Detroit 2-1, Pittsburgh is winning 2 games to 1 over Columbus, the Rangers are up 2-1 on Philly, San Jose holds a huge 3-0 lead over L.A., Anaheim is leading Dallas 2-1, St. Louis has a 2-1 edge on Chicago, and Colorado leads Minnesota 2-1.

Of course by the time you might read this, it’ll have changed. But no matter. Change, don’t change. Whatever.

We’re relaxed. We watch without jitters. Our team is moving on, which is just about as good or better than anything we do with our clothes on.

And should we root for Detroit or Boston to play our Canadiens? With Detroit we’d be up against a talented, great skating team that for the most part plays it clean.

With Boston, there’s talent and a plethora of ugliness and uncouthness.

Maybe at this point I’m going with Detroit, really for no particular reason other than the Canadiens might stand less of a chance of getting injured.

And if it’s Detroit, it won’t take long for me to despise them as much as any other team playing the good guys from Montreal because that’s what we do. We hate the other team because they’re trying to get in the way of our happiness.

Montreal went 3-1 against the Bruins this year, and 2-1 against Detroit.


14 thoughts on “Sit Back And Enjoy Others Pound Away”

  1. C’mon Wings & B’s… you can pack four multi-overtime games into your series.

    Ginette Reno > Rene Rancourt

  2. Lol lol lol. Here’s one of your classic posts that has me cracked up. Geez, Dennis, you must be really relaxed because I haven’t heard this kind of humor from you in a while.

    I was thinking about Detroit and Boston, too. I think I’d prefer DET only because I want to see the Bruins lose in the first round. Whatever they do, it would be great to see a few fights leaving bumps and bruises, and some suspensions. Get ‘Em all banged up for us. Is that too mean-spirited to say? Nahhhhh…

  3. Here’s hoping that the Red Wings-Bruins series goes seven games, with each of the remaining four games going into (at least) quintuple overtime, but with the way the Guins have dominated the last two games, I don’t see them losing again in the series.

  4. No hesitation—Detroit, at least they play hockey AND Emelin could welcome Alfredson to the Bell for bell-ringer,

  5. Never too-mean spirited when it comes to the enemy, Marjo. I hope they demolish each other.

  6. It’ll be interesting to see if Detroit can rebound Ian, because you’re absolutely right, Boston has looked the better team in the last couple.

  7. I’m with Marjo on this one. I want Detroit not just because they play hockey the way it should be played but mostly because it would mean that the Boohooins didn’t make it past the first round and all their slack jawed neanderthal fans would be crying in their chowder.

  8. I think I pick the Guins (haha never heard this one b4) because Habs do have capability to beat them. It would help youngsters to experience this rivalry. Plus Chara is very slow. If boutique is on chara will take some penalties. The tall dork is not a god. Just a cranky old man who hates talented fast smaller men. The big test will be B’s crashing net. That’s what they do best. They have talent who just play hockey but we have pleks. It would be funner watching idiot bruins. The long wait to round two will be tough but hope for good news from galchenyuk and hope they don’t sit bournival.

  9. Mayo, I hope Bournival doesn’t sit either. One of my favs. Yeah, Chara’s no god and can be dealt with using speed. I wish some huge player in the league would clean his clock. It would be the beginning of the end for him. Just a little concerned about Rask, who’s pretty darn good.

  10. Hi Dennis. Something Tuuka Dump will have to contend with is multiple lines putting pressure on him. He’s used to Guins having puck majority of time. He will have to work hard every period. Guins r big and dumb and will slow after 3 or 4 games. I think price is better than rask. It will fun watching rivalry play out. I think Habs are very good. Prepare for some disappointment and lots of celebration!!

  11. DK, I myself prefer the wings, why because the two best games I’ve watched this past season were Detroit & the Black Hawks. They both play clean & fast & it seems to inspire our team because that’s our strength! Tight games but for a true fan of real hockey jaw dropping to watch.
    les Canadiens sont la!!!!!

  12. Yeah Mike. Detroit and Montreal would be a fine series. Bruins would be stressful but any Habs series would be stressful. It would also be great to see the Bruins bow out after the opening round.

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