9 thoughts on “SI’s Top Ten NHL Villains”

  1. I think that pick is really full of shit. Speaking without any blinders on here or meaning to sound like a real homer, but there is no way he’s the most hated guy in the NHL. It doesn’t make any sense.

    Ok, he can act like an ass sometimes and I grant that he may not be everyone’s cup of tea but to be the most hated guy?

    I am so tired of hearing how PK is what’s wrong with hockey. Give me a break. When you have someone like Torres or Cooke and the like who actually HURT people – come on.

  2. Darth, that really is quite a handle to give to a guy – most hated of 600 plus players. Damn. The most hated should be one who, like you say, hurts intentionally, who ends careers. PK isn’t in this category.

  3. People try to put him down because he’s good.

    The same people who can’t stand it because PK is a Hab and not a Leaf or a Bruin.

    People like PJ Stock who don’t know what they’re talking about and make up stories about him.

    Send PJ Stock a message and boycott Depends adult diapers.

    They’re both full of sh!t.

  4. Dennis,

    Not since briefly visiting the UK’s largest retirement home for shoemakers have I laid eyes on such a load of old cobblers. They should only feel shame and then go and get a proper job.

    Now here’s something from 1973 that may have passed Canada by and should be the anthem for one of our fourth liners.

    I think it should go up on the screens at the Bell Centre next home game he plays. Hell, maybe every time he heads to the penalty box.


  5. Blue Bayou, I’d sure like to visit a retirement home for shoemakers. Seems like they have a lot of soul. Or sole. And yes, Ryan White. Things were going so well lately too.

  6. Dennis and Blue Bayou: I’m going to need something stronger than lemonade to get over Ryan White’s stupidity.

  7. Danno, White didn’t learn a thing from his three games in the press box. He knows he has to play tough to be on the team, but he doesn’t know how exactly.

  8. Danno, when a guy starts costing his team games, as White is doing, it’s time to change things up.

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