Sink Your Teeth Into This One

Classic Auctions is in full swing and as usual, my drool is soaking the keyboard as there’s just way too many things that I’d like to have but won’t because it seems God doesn’t want me to win the lottery.

Maurice Richard’s game-used stick when he scored his 321st goal during the 1950-51 season (lot 62) is something I wouldn’t mind having, along with lot 54 – a program from the 1937 Memorial game at the Forum to benefit Howie Morenz’s family, signed by Aurele Joliat, Toe Blake, and the rest of the ’37 Habs. And I’d also like to get my grubby little hands on that full ticket from game one of the 1972 Summit Series in Montreal (lot 632).

But I seem to have no desire whatsoever for lot 90 – Yvan Cournoyer’s false teeth, now sitting at $250 with two bids and 12 days left to go. I guess I’m not a false teeth enthusiast.

But that’s just me.

7 thoughts on “Sink Your Teeth Into This One”

  1. Dennis,

    This is very irresponsible on your part.

    I arrive at work full of vim and vigour, ready for the day. I get to my desk, large cappucino in hand. I fire up the PC, log into the various systems and while I wait for stuff to happen I check my regular Chelsea blog, then your blog.

    Then I spit coffee all over my keyboard and assorted paperwork. How do I explain this to my colleagues? “Uh sorry guys I was just surprised by some false teeth”

    Surley there should be a warning or something?

  2. maybe u could do some new false teeth tricks with this set. think of all the new chicken u could impress. might be well worth the 250.

  3. Blue Bayou, it’s shocking that you’re wasting valuable work time on blogs. And what about all the poor kids in Chelsea and Beverly Hills who don’t have teeth and wished they had Cournoyer’s? I’m doing a humanitarian service. At least I like to think so.

  4. I could, Hobo. But first I need to remove a few of my own so it’ll fit. I can picture the pickup line now – “hey, you want to come back to my place and see my Cournoyer teeth?”

  5. Dennis, what a score to actually get to own the actual false teeth of such a great hockey lengend… who should be so lucky??? God does want you to win the lottery, patience is a virtue, but I also believe that God possesses that same darned sense of humour that some of us are fortunate enough to also possess.
    An office job must really suck…

  6. Jan, now I’m happier because I’m going to win the lottery but I just have to be patient! But I’m not good at patience.

  7. Dennis, I’ll bet those are the fastest set of false teeth ever. NASA should study their aerodynamic properties and use it as a model for their next spacecraft.

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