Since 1949?

Our Habs, in losing 2-0 to the Washington Capitals tonight, have been blanked three straight for the first time since 1949.

Is this a surprising turn of events? Maybe the length of time, yes. But not the lack of scoring. Carey Price has been carrying the team all year and there just comes a time when he can’t and shouldn’t have to. At some point, the proclaimed stars of the team have to chip in, and although we wait, the sleep continues.

Rip Van Winkle – eat your heart out.

From time to time over the season the team has showed heart and character. Not now. And not when they need to pick up steam heading into the playoffs. Unfortunately, Scott Gomez and Mike Cammalleri and many others who just aren’t contributing are still picking up pay cheques every few weeks with dollar figures in the hundreds of thousands, and frankly, seeing them perform in this manner for these kinds of bucks is turning my stomach.

Don’t forget, they play for us. And they’re doing a tremendously lousy job.

I take this personally.

In the words of Donald Trump – “Scott Gomez, you’re fired.”

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  1. Wait a minute Dennis! Correct me if I’m wrong but as the next owner of this team they are technically playing for you.
    I wish it was as easy as saying your fired and making changes. Sadly we are now stuck with this bunch until the summer. It really seems to show just how important MaxPac was to this team and what is required to compete in the league. Big, tough players not afraid of the traffic.
    On a side note I’m really tiring of Cherry’s comments about PK even if he doesn’t have the guts to use his name. Respect! Big words from a loser ex-coach.
    Yeah I’m pissed off and embarrased to be a fan of the team. It’s tough when you spend the last ten minutes of a game not hoping for a win but just praying for a goal.

  2. Dennis,

    Hope you’re enjoying your trip! I think the boys will be okay, there are new bodies back in the lineup, sometimes it takes a few games to gel. They looked a heck of a lot better last night than the Boston game. Some good chances but nothing went in. It kills me when they talk about the amount of minutes played since the last goal. Such a dumb stat, really doesn’t mean anything. Things will start going our way this week, right? Right!

  3. win or lose i was hoping for some goals so mike would have something to cheer about on his visit to the bell center.

  4. Dennis, it’s also the 9th time this season the Habs have been blanked which is an all-time record for the team set in 2000-01. But there’s still time to break this infamous franchise record and make this season the worst ever in that department.

    Could it be that the players just passed a vote of non-confidence against Jacques Martin?

    Something funny is going on.

    Is there a mutiny afoot?

    Here’s something from the Orillia Packet and Times that looks at that possibility…

    Sure, it’s George Laraque who is speaking. And what does he know? He was fired last year and so it’s probably just the views of a disgruntled former employee.

    So let’s take Laraque’s comments with a grain of salt.

    And let’s not forget how the Habs had a lousy finish last season and barely squeaked into the playoffs — but then went on to surprise everybody by upsetting the top-ranked teams.

    I don’t care too much if they suck right now so long as they are saving it for the playoffs. If they do as well or better than last year’s run, all will be forgiven.

    Next up: Atlanta on Tuesday and Carolina on Wednesday.

  5. Moey, sorry but I totally disagree with you on this one. What do you mean that not scoring for almost 200 minutes is a useless stat? If they were competing that would be a different thing but they are just going through the motions.
    If it wasn’t for Halak last year in the playoffs they would have been gone after the first round. This year (game after game) Price has baled them out.
    Another thing that irks me is the decision to put Plekanics and Wisnewski on the power play. No offence to Wisnewski fans but PK has a harder and more accurate shot than he does. He also makes better decisions with the puck yet don’t see Pk on the power play till it is almost over.

    Over and over again the forwards keep standing off to the side of the goaltenders. There is NEVER anybody standing in front of the goaltender.

    Let’s face it, this is a small team that cannot compete against the bigger ones.

    interestingly Eller was the only one competing out there.

    I take this all back if Montreal wins the Stanley Cup

  6. I remember one of the sports writers joking last Sunday after Montreal had scored the eight against Minnie that he hoped they hadn’t used up their offence for the week in that one game. How right he was.
    It has to be difficult to be playing with certain other players who are not producing. At the end of the year when you look at the stats no-one says “Oh yeah you only scored a dozen goals but your winger/ centre was in a funk for most of the year.” At some point it has to create dissention in a room because every-one wants to produce be it goals, assists, hits.
    I won’t place it on Gomez alone. Cammy has had a rotten year as well and that shows in his linesmates stats. And then when there is only one line to score for this team they are that much easier to shut down.
    I was wrong when on an earlier post I had said Montreal wouldn’t get 200 goals as they have that total with 6 games to go.
    Much has been said lately about the number of lazy minor penalties the team takes but that is a result of the system as much as anything. It puts the emphasis on skating and positioning and if that is off it opens things up for lazy penalties to catch-up.

  7. Dennis, I think it’s time for Jacques Martin to give a little speech to the players.

    Like this one…

  8. Frank,

    It is a useless stat. I’ve heard the same stat about the Bruins & leafs at one point or another during the season. It’s meaningless. I think at the moment it would be more worthwhile tracking the our top six forwards’ bowel movements, ’cause they sure are constipated.

  9. pretty patheitc and they should all return parts of their paycheques. I agree that we got some bodies back so maybe we’re in for a strong spirited finish. Beyond that, we do need some size up front. We will have lots of cap room this summer and I really hope we don’t break the bank with AK46. He doesn’t desreve a raise and he isn’t a $3.5M player. DO NOT re-sign Hamrlik for $5.5. Maybe $2M for one year. He is a good leader, too slow, but a fairly good PK man. He can also teach youngesters. Re-sign Gill. Get a top six forward, someone with character, skill and quick delivery. At this point I just hope we make it in. Glad we don’t play til Tuesday. Will give new guys a chance to get their legs. No good things to say about any of those ‘professionals.’

  10. Dennis, I think the team needs a smallish-yet-shifty right winger to remind them about intensity and where to find the net.

  11. DK, 1949 eh thats when I was born so I’m really glad they did it again while I was at the game. Christ I just drove 12 hrs there and back to watch that crap! I zeroed in on Gomez & even Diana could see what a useless tool he is, he was booed everytime he touched the puck. Man a million for every goal, I wish I could get a gig like that!!
    Not HAPPY from the East!!!!

  12. Mike, it’s a shame you guys make the trip and they stink. And Gomez? He deserves to be booed.

  13. Chris, you’re absolutely right. I’d drive to the net and get pummelled but sometimes goals would go in. I guess it’s not in our guys’ contract to break a sweat and play in the danger zone. Geez, when I own the team……..

  14. Mayo, if I had the power I’d keep a core of about 8 guys and say goodbye to the rest. They’re not making us proud.

  15. Don, I was worried they blown their load too after the eight goals. And yes, Cammy needs to be centred out as well. He’s been a non-factor for way too many games. Thank God for Price. They need to take some of Gomez’s money and gove it to our goalie.

  16. Frank, I feel Eller will become an important player over the next few years. WQe can see it coming in baby steps. And players not causing traffic in front of the net is one of their biggest faults and you’re absolutely right in pointing this out.

  17. Danno, Georges probably has an issue with Martin but he also could very well be right that many players don’t like him. I laughed seeing the Orillia Packet and Times link. I used to deliver it. Thanks for that!

  18. Trip’s been great, Moey. Just wish we could’ve fit in Montreal. Next time. I didn’t see the Washington game and so it gives me hope with you saying they played better, even when losing. A win on Tuesday would be nice.

  19. Hi Don. Max is a big a piece of the puzzle and he’s sorely missed right now. He’s not afraid of traffic and unfortunately, most of our small “stars” are. They would never admit it but we see it often. I’m telling you, when I’m owner, things will be different. We just have to stay optimistic until I get there.

  20. Hi Dennis,

    Long time. Hope you are well. Which small stars are afraid of traffic in your opinion? And which ones aren’t?

    Definitely the smaller Gionta, White and Desharnais are traffic guys. And how do we define “small”?

    All the best,


  21. HDS, like I mentioned in my email, Gomez likes to wave his stick from two feet away. That’s not getting in traffic. And it’s not often that many of them will park themselves in front of the net where they need to be. It takes guts to get in there and we need to see more of it.

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