Silver Habs Spoons

From the days of the National Hockey Association, NHA – my spoons, that I don’t eat chocolate ice cream or tap out a tune on my leg with. All they do is sit in my cabinet and look nice. A set of four of these was sold at Classic Auctions several years ago.

The NHA existed from 1909 to 1917, and was the genesis of the NHL. An excellent look at this league can be seen right here


The following were the NHA teams and their year of inception:

Cobalt Silver Kings 1909-10
Haileybury Hockey Club 1909-10
Montreal Wanderers 1909-10
Montreal Canadiens 1909-10
Montreal Shamrocks 1909-10
Ottawa Senators 1909-10
Quebec Bulldogs 1910-11
Renfrew Creamery Kings 1909-10
Toronto Ontarios 1913-14
Toronto Tecumsehs 1912-13
Toronto 228th Battalion 1916-17
Toronto Blueshirts 1912-13
Toronto Ontario Shamrocks 1914-15

4 thoughts on “Silver Habs Spoons”

  1. Like Marjo said, do you live in a hockey store!!??
    PS; How’s the back coming along or have you visited Dr. Summeroff?
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  2. Mike, I did a number on my back. I’ve had this problem before but this is one of the worst. But it’s slightly better than a few days ago so it’s starting to come. I did it by lifting two bags of cement out of the trunk of my car and I’ve been mostly sitting upright on the couch for the better part of a week now.

  3. I like to see the beautiful CH logo engraved on fine silver objects – like that tall trophy we’ve won 24 times.

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