Silent Whistle Decides Game

The whistle should have blown. The referee lost sight of the puck for longer than long. The puck eventually skirted loose, Pittsburgh’s Kris Letang, who looks like he has a meth habit, rapped it home, and it ended as a 4-3 Penguins overtime win.

Montreal got ripped off in a big way. They stopped working in front of the net because they thought the whistle was about to be blown. But it never came, all because the referee was asleep at the wheel.

The beat goes on in Habs Universe.

It’s just a shame it had to end this way. The Canadiens were in it, even though they’d given up a 3-1 lead along the way. It’s no way to lose a game – a whistle kept silent, but I’m going to embrace this one point earned by the Habs on this night, understand that they played much better than they did the previous afternoon in Philadelphia, and appreciate the great work done by Carey Price in nets.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Pittsburgh 42, Montreal 27. Again, kudos to Carey Price, who was sharper than sharp, especially when he robbed Evgeni Malkin late in the game. Price was the star of the night, more so than Malkin and Letang and a guy named Crosby, and the Canadiens had a chance to win this thing against the best team in the league at this time. But a whistle that never came put an end to any of that.

Andrei Kostitsyn returned, and they were saying on CBC that Andrei Markov should be back within two weeks.

Erik Cole, Max Pacioretty, and Travis Moen were the Montreal marksmen, and isn’t it interesting that three of our biggest forwards came through when all of our small, skilled guys didn’t.

Montreal went 0-4 on the power play.

Next up – Wednesday in sunny California when the Habs visit Anaheim.



15 thoughts on “Silent Whistle Decides Game”

  1. James Neal gave Subban The Tiger Williams Special with that high stick to the head in the third.

    Years ago Tiger Williams high sticked Pen Dennis Owchar with a vicious
    one handed high stick which cut Owchar for several stiches & caused a police investigation for assault with a deadly weapon which went no where.

  2. Martin, for years people complained that Montreal got all the breaks, and I wonder now if the sons of some of those complainers became referees and are making the Habs pay for the complaints of their fathers.

  3. Dennis, Could be but I don’t think the breaks Montreal used to get at The Forum (Ghosts) came to The Bell Centre. Lately all those too many men on the ice penalties seem to be payback for 1979 Lafleurs PP Goal (Bruin fans who became officals)…….lol

  4. That sounds right, Martin. Bruin fans who became officials, both on the ice and at head office. Seeing Lafleur score that goal was as great as it gets. We must always remind Boston fans about that lest they forget.

  5. It was a better effort than they put out against the Flyers but that’s not a huge accomplishment. We came very close to beating the Penguins and even had a two-goal lead after coming back from being behind 1-0 and things were looking up. I was really hoping for the fourth goal which would have been the dagger, but no. The infamous JM system kicked in and the rest is history. Loser point. Close, but no cigar.

    Of course it didn’t help that the refs did a job on us again.

    What else is new?

  6. This team is really depressing to watch. Hell, this whole season is turning out to be the most depressing season I’ve seen since I started watching Hockey.

    PK’s not himself, Gionta and Cammy have vanished, our power play is useless, we piss away leads, we lead the league in too-many-men penalites, we have that albatross called Gomez on our team still, and so on and so on.

    God this is going to be one long season for us.

    The OT goal was a shitty thing but we really shouldn’t have been in that situation to begin with. We had a 2 goal lead. As usual we let it go and here we are. The goal being allowed is just typical of our luck.

    The Pacioretty hit was bad, but Letang did have his head down. Other players have been hit that way and no suspension was given for that reason. I’ll be interested to see what happens from this. If Max gets suspended I won’t be surprised.

    One thing I have to say is that HNIC is really getting on my nerves. They must have been happy that Hockey’s Golden Boy’s team won tonight. You’d think the Penguins were the Canadian team and we were the American one. They kept focusing on the guy and I kept thinking “hello jerks, WE are the Canadian team, you should be rooting for US Hockey Night In CANADA”.

  7. Re:DarthAlexander

    Yes I agree this Ra Ra Sidney on HNIC can be annoying for hometown fans (Its just as bad in Toronto) but Sidney is the All Canadian/American golden boy hero the League wants to promote.. He is a great all round player

    BUT: He is is big whiner like Gretzky ..unlike a Lafleur or Keon (I apologize for reaching way back in Leaf history) … Those two guys just sucked it up…

    Did everyone see that elbow to the head he threw at Foligno of Ottawa the other night …he better be ready to get it in return as Cherry said on HNIC….

  8. face it boys…… this team sucks, from the top on down and when they get the savior markov back they will suck with markov. IMHO, price is the best goalie in the league and he is being wasted……… u make your breaks and they get the breaks they deserve.

  9. Darth, Leaf Fan, and Hobo, I agree about Crosby being a whiner. Gordie Howe took Wayne Gretzky aside early in his career and told him, “you’re a great player and going to have a great career, but you whine too much and you have to stop it.” I think Gretzky listened to him. Hobo’s right, even with Markov this team might not be overly competitive. There’s too many holes and cracks. Shorthanded goals scored against them? What’s with that? The smaller guys like Gionta and Cammy would look fantastic in some European league where players are really big and the physical game isn’t so much, but here, they can be neutralized easily. Our power player is near the worst in the league. The coaching is extemely questionable. The team strikes fear in the hearts of no one. Travis Moen is the only guy that will mix it up, and he rarely does it. But at least he plays tough. The long slumps constantly get moved around from player to player. There’s always one or three or five guys in big slumps. The injuries are bad but Pittsburgh managed to stay on top for a lengthy period without Crosby, Malkin, and a host of other regulars.

  10. re: Dennis

    I think you hit it on the head about Travis Moen being about the only one who will “really” mix up…

    The Canadian’s are a smallish very hard working team..but to nice

    What they need is a couple of mean SOB’s like Lucic or Parros on the Ducks who will just play down right dirty and vicious at times.

    Can you imagine John Ferguson dealing with Lucic .. it would be one down right vicious encounter.

    A little history on Leafs-Fergy past …One game Eddie Shack was getting in the pocket Rockets face to much and Fergy skated to the Leaf bench and warned the Leaf coaching staff that if Shack does not back off Richard than he was going to be all over Keon as he pointed directly at him…Shack backed off and things cooled down…..

    Have the Habs got and mean sob’s in the pipeline….

  11. Leafs fan: I can just picture a few of our older guys and what they’d do to correct the problem. I know Nilan would have gone after Lucic and Chara. Robinson would have smashed them in the boards so hard they’d still be cross-eyed.

    Hobo is right. This team really does suck. I hate to say it but we do. We do have some positives and our future looks to be not bad but right now we are so mediocore that it doesn’t even feel like we’re watching the Habs.

    This kind of team you’d expect from an expansion club in their first few years.

  12. Leaf Fan – great story. I hadn’t heard that before. I’m proud to say I was at the Gardens one night when Fergy and Shack got into it and started a bench-clearing brawl.

  13. I don’t blame the refs for this loss. How can I blame them for being asleep at the whistle when the Canadiens were asleep for most of the game? I was surprised they even called back two Penguin goals.

    I hate watching a game where all I can think about for 40 minutes is to hurry up and end. At least I figured out what was meant when we heard Martin say “the best defence is offence”. What he meant to say was “the best offence is defence”. Using the Rocky strategy of tiring out the opponent letting them have endless scoring chances, we can mount a surprise counter-attack as Cole did for the 3-1 goal.

    The problem isn’t one of size or skill, it’s lack of passion. We sat back and watched as Letang went to the net, poked the puck from under Price’s glove and scored. Why don’t we go to the net like that? Instead we take weak long shots at directly at the goalie’s belly. I could have sworn I heard Galley say the last time we had a top ten player in scoring was Naslund in 1885-86.

    It’s depressing that last night a couple of long retired CFL players show more passion about a game almost 50 years ago than half of our team playing.,

  14. Chris, thanks. I tried to embed this and put it up but the embed doesn’t seem to work right now. I hope it’s just temporary. You don’t see fights like that from old rivals very often. And you’re right about the Habs – it’s lack of passion, lack of fire. It’s what bothers me the most about this team.

  15. I think this team is capable of passion, but the problem is our coach isn’t one to inspire passion in anyone. Can you picture going and seeing his sour puss every day?

    I wish someone in the club would get up and go on an epic rant like this classic one:

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