Sidney Says……..

ESPN asked 11 players which goalie they thought was the best in the NHL. Here’s what they said:

(Sidney’s answer is the the last.)

Thanks to Affairs de for the link.

Mike Smith ( Phoenix Coyotes)  said Henrik Lundqvist – N.Y

Shea Weber (Nashville Predators)  Henrik Lundqvist
Patrick Sharp (Chicago Blackhawks) Henrik Lundqvist
Steve Ott (Buffalo Sabres) Henrik Lundqvist
David Backes (St. Louis Blues) Pekka Rinne – Nashville
Eric Staal (Carolina Hurricanes) Pekka Rinne
Matt Duchene (Colorado Avalanche) Jonathan Quick – L.A.
Matt Moulson (New York Islanders) Jonathan Quick
Tyler Seguin ( Dallas Stars) Tuukka Rask – Boston
Jonathan Toews ( Chicago Blackhawks) Roberto Luongo – Vancouver
Sidney Crosby (Penguins Pittsburgh)  Carey Price – Montreal

7 thoughts on “Sidney Says……..”

  1. Carey Price? Really? He must not have been paying attention last season. Dennis, you know that I’m as big a Price fan as there is, but this response just seems foolish to me.

  2. I find it odd too, Ian. I just hope he’s right and knows something we don’t. Maybe Price has simply dazzled him in the past. Price sure didn’t look like the best last night.

  3. Nope, last night looked like more of what we saw for the last 12 games of the 2013 regular season and then the playoffs.

  4. I noticed Louis Leblanc was fiddling around with his stick on the bench trying to deal with a length of tape that was sliced on the blade of his stick. I was shocked to see that the stick boy was nowhere near Louis and he was on his own dealing with the sticky mess.

    Now we know why the Habs are putting in a sub-par performance.

    Mr. Molson and Mr. Bergevin, this is an outrage. Please pick up the phone and fix this immediately. The Habs need a top-quality stick boy if they are to go anywhere this season.

  5. Danno, I can’t agree more. When I’m hired and doing it, players will be able to relax and concentrate on the job and let me worry about the sticks and tape. And did you notice, Danno? Nobody had a 1950s jacket on. It’s ridiculous. I also noticed the other night a player was handed a new stick, blade first. This is unacceptable. I’ll be handing them out the other way, so it’s more comfortable. All these little things go into being a great stick boy. I’ve also noticed that no stick boys are in the HOF which is just wrong.

  6. Dennis, going above and beyond the call of duty is what a top-notch stick boy is expected to do – including comforting the players’ wives and girlfriends. Such are the sacrifices one must do for the good of the team… 😆

  7. Danno, this is what the team hasn’t understood all along. The importance of the stick boy job. I’m willing to give up my evenings and weekends to help make the wives comfortable. This is the kind of person I am.

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