Sidney Insists He’s a Big Boy

“I’m not a crybaby and if you say it one more time I’m going to get my daddy or daddy Mario to hit you. I’ve got two daddy’s. Hah. That’s more than you. And they’re strong. So there. And pretty soon, when I’m bigger, I’m going to get my own place and move out of daddy Mario’s place because I’ll be big and I’ll make sandwiches and stay up all night maybe and I can have cookies anytime I want and nobody will make me have a bath if I don’t feel like it. It’s gonna be fun. I think I’ll do it when I’m 30.”

11 thoughts on “Sidney Insists He’s a Big Boy”

  1. This just in…


    Due to an injury the Penguins star centre will not play in tonight’s playoff game against the Montreal Canadiens.

    Crosby has been diagnosed as having what is described as a lower-body injury.

    This lower-body injury is reported to be a widespread eruption of spotty patches on Crosby’s posterior.

    Also known as diaper rash.

  2. Danno, it’s now being announced that Sidney’s lower body injury is improving after Nathalie Lemieux applied powder to said problem.

  3. Maybe the coach will give the pr**k a time out? Why did you have to post that story? I was having such a nice afternoon not thinking about the whiny twerp.

  4. I’m surprised Staal doesn’t smack the big baby. Staal plays with a foot sliced open and Sidney cries about a little rash and because the Habs aren’t handing him goals.

  5. “Think I’m a baby? I sleep 30 minutes past curfew that Mario gives me so, ha. In your face. Where are my damn mashed peas anad carrots?”

  6. Phil, poor Sidney. You’re gonna make him cry. Either it’s the big bad Habs or us being mean to him. His life sucks.

  7. Phil, I won’t stop as long as he continues to lose his cool like that. Mature superstars are beyond “complaining to the ref” stuff.

  8. A guest host on the Ottawa Team 1200 made a great point about the big baby. She would have more respect for him if he’s going to continuously yap at everyone while on the ice, he should at least say something interesting when given a mic. Off the ice when on the record, he’s full of the usual boring, diplomatic, safe clichés. Many don’t like what Jeremy Roenick says, but he’s always interesting to listen to.

  9. It’s true, Chris. He’s quite boring and cliche-filled. The guest host made a great point. And I enjoyed Roenick’s schtick a lot.

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