Sidney Crosby Takes The Bull By The Horns And Wakes His Penguins Up

The good news for the Pittsburgh Penguins is their three big guys, Crosby, Malkin, and Hossa, played well. The even better news for the Penguins is that they won game three, and are now pretty well back in the series. But not quite.

Sidney Crosby did what all great stars throughout the years have done. Stepped forward and scored huge goals in big games. Like Orr did, And Richard, Howe, Messier, Lemieux, Gretzky, and all the great ones over the years did.

Tonight, he netted the first two of the game, which broke the team goal drought, and which got the Penguins going.

That’s why he’s a star. He acts like one.

The Penguins barely won game three, though, hanging on for dear life through the third period. And all they have to do is win the next three out of four games.

So I’m not going to predict anything. I’m not Kreskin. It’s sort of possible that Pittsburgh could come all the way back and win this series. I doubt it, but it’s possible.

And like Toe Blake said, “predictions are for gypsys.”

One thing I feel though. Penguins defenceman Hal Gill should be read the riot act. What guys like Gill are known for are silly physical penalties that happen because the skill level isn’t quite up there. He can cost his team the game, which almost happened tonight.

One other note regarding tonight’s game on CBC. Pittsburgh cameras are placed alnost as high up as they are in Tampa. These cameras should be down at least fifteen feet. Detroit’s are. Lots of teams are. Although lots aren’t. I don’t know why. 

In Montreal news.

Guy Lafleur has apparently said that when Saku Koivu and Alex Kovalev become free agents in 2009, the Habs should concentrate more on signing Kovalev. He said Koivu is too serious and business-like in the dressing room, too demanding of his teammates.

What the hell is wrong with that? That just tells me that Koivu is about winning, is about making sure he and his teammates give their all. This is the way Mark Messier was, and Ted Lindsay years ago, and so many other great leaders. These guys have all summer to relax, joke around, have a good time. During the season, they’d better perform, better take it seriously. They’re being paid enough money.

If Koivu’s teammates, and there’s probably only a couple if any, don’t like his hard-core expectations, they should take up ballet instead.

Of course, this could be just one more case of Lafleur saying things that maybe he shouldn’t be saying. He’s been doing this for more than thirty years.

I say the team should concentrate on signing both. They’re equally important in the scheme of things in Montreal.

But I honestly do like the tough approach from the captain.

3 thoughts on “Sidney Crosby Takes The Bull By The Horns And Wakes His Penguins Up”

  1. DK,

    Crosby, Roberts, Hossa, even Malkin showed up to play. The third period was, for the most part, one of the most exciting periods in these playoffs – the two teams actually played up to the hype. Can they keep it up? Hmm, hard to say but they did make the Wings look less dominant if nothing else.

    I disagree with you re Gill. I think that his persistent whacking of Holmstrom was just what the Hockey Dr. ordered. Hey, take the penalities but it’s about time a team stepped up and put it to the big-assed pest. If I’m Therrien and his fellow players I give him lots of positive feedback because he did a lot towards 1)keeping the sight lines open for Fleury – U can’t stop what U can’t see; 2) let Holmstrom and the Wings know that nothing is gonna come easy while at the same time boosting the morale of his guys. Frankly, I don’t see what Holmstrom does – planting himself on the edge of the crease with his huge butt (hehe, is it padded?) over the line in the goalie’s face and constantly moving with the goalie – as being all that much different than the bs that Avery pulled. Sure, it’s within the rules which is fine what is not fine is that the defending team is not permitted to move `asses’ like him out of the way when he is clearly severely inhibiting the goalie’s ability to play the game. What’s to stop a team from pulling a hockey equivalent Bill Veeck (the `midget-at-bat) ploy and sticking in a semi in front. So, yeah, Gill keep on pounding on the `cheater’ and if penalties result, they’re good ones.

  2. When is Guy going to get it ??I was at one time his biggest fan,but after his days of glory what comes out of his mouth you just have to hit delete.
    He just seems so negetive with any coment re:Les Canadien,it’s no wonder his former team mate got rid of him & out of the dressing room (J.L)!
    Just get back to selling Viagra.
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!!!

  3. Hal Gill just has to be careful, that’s all. He’s almost as big as Zdeno Chara, and as strong as probably most in the league. He’s gotta learn how to turf Holmstrom legally. You can go all the way back to guys like Tim Horton and Barclay Plager who were as strong as an ox, and got rid of pests with no problem. That’s how Gill has to play.

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