Sidney Crosby Ruined My Story

I had this possible Pulitzer Prize-winning story written about Sidney Crosby coming to Montreal, and how the Bell Centre would be charged with great atmosphere, and all that. Then the bugger goes and hurts his ankle.  But I’m carrying on anyway, the way Red Fisher would.

Montreal fans hoping to see young Sid will have to settle for a big Habs’ win instead. That’s way better anyway. Maybe Sidney will peak in at the Montreal dressing room when the teams are on the ice and see the room he dreamed about being in when he was growing up.

Sidney is just what the NHL has had wet dreams about for a long time. He’s single, and women of all ages want to cuddle him and take him home and change his diaper. He says all the right things to the media, just like Gretzky did, and better than Mario Lemieux did. He’s no prima donna, as he works harder than most. He skates a little bow-legged, and therefore is hard to push aside. He’s a team player, and gives credit to others. He respects those who came before him. He grew up loving the Habs, and must love playing in Montreal. He’s got all his hair. Any GM would give their first-born to have him on their team.

But he’s hurt for the big game tonight.  Montreal must take advantage of this uh, ahem, unfortunate situation. Cough.

2 thoughts on “Sidney Crosby Ruined My Story”

  1. Well it could have been worse had he played so there is a bright side to a loss (or is Guy going to say that again?)

  2. Beatnik, you’re kicking as guy when he’s down. I’m gonna send you back to Greenwich Village.

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