Sidney Crosby And A 3-2 Overtime Thriller Spells Gold For Canada


Okay Canada, you can exhale now.

While Alex Ovechkin sat back and watched on TV, if he watched at all, with his Russian team long gone from any Olympic action, the superstar’s main counterpart as hockey’s greatest player, Sidney Crosby, scored in overtime to give Canada the gold medal over a tough Brian Burke-built American squad that just wouldn’t surrender.

And in the process, Sidney Crosby has another chapter written of his still-young but already legendary career.

It is Canada’s night, Crosby’s night, Steve Yzerman’s night, and of course every player’s night. It is a night to celebrate hockey in the Great White North. We have the big prize. The players kissed their gold, but it’s our medal too. Because we’re Canadian, and we love our hockey and we love our players and we love the maple leaf on the jersey.

Such a game, such a moment, such a look of heartbreak and sadness on the faces of the Americans. They battled as formidable foes, this team in blue. They had come from behind and tied it at two with just 35 seconds left in the third period, but in the end, Team Canada with Crosby firing it home, have big, beautiful gold medals wrapped around their necks and they waved the flag and sang the anthem, and a nation cheered loud and strong.

Yes, it was again a little too close for comfort, as was the Slovakian game a few days ago. Never let it be said that it was an easy path to gold for the Canadians. The Americans were great. Slovakia poured it on late and Canada dodged a bullet. The Swiss gave the Canadians fits.

But Canada is a never-say-die team, always has been and probably always will. It’s Crosby now, somebody else next time. Canada is a nation of hockey heroes and heroics. For some inexplicable reason, Canadian hockey players possess a magical will to win.

Talk about going out with a bang in these 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

21 thoughts on “Sidney Crosby And A 3-2 Overtime Thriller Spells Gold For Canada”

  1. That game was the icing on the cake, Dennis. Now Canada has won more gold medals than any other country at any single Winter Olympic. Not bad!

  2. It’s a beautiful thing, Danno. I really enjoyed these two weeks, and I really enjoyed this hockey game. And the Americans put up a mighty fight.

  3. Dennis we really have to give Jordy credit here…back when we questioned what Crosby had contributed to that 1st game…..Way to go Jordy, you certainly called this fantastic outcome.

  4. The perfect ending to a great 2 1/2 weeks. There aren’t any words I can say except: CANADA YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I no longer will hate on Sidney Crosby, even during the NHL season.

  5. Diane, the Americans were excellent – every game. They looked like a very sad bunch after and I know you’re proud of them.

  6. Dennis, thank you for your reply. Ryan Miller was outstanding and will always hold a soft spot for the Sabres and whatever team is fortunate enough to have him as goalie. (Yes, even the Canadiens!!!!)

    We’ll tangle again in 4 years and let’s hope it is just as intense and entertaining.

  7. Hey Dennis,How an you compete for excitement after viewing a game like that?I was in Prince george at one of their Boston Pizza’s(my plane was leaving shortly after the game),the noise in this place was unreal,everyone there pulling for the same group of guys…Canada.I have to hand it to the Americans ,they put up quite a fight.Burke’s little bit of psyhcology came close to working,but you need more the psyhcology to win a hockey game against Canada.Lets now urn our thought to the less fortunate,those who are suffering and not as well off as us,the people of Haiti and Chile ,the homeless and poor,the U.S. hockey team for losing this important spectacle.

  8. What a great end to a real special two weeks. I almost feel a little bit down now that its all over. I cant remember watching any olympics in past years that were as great as this one. There is so many great memories and stories that will live on from these games. It was real nice to see Roberto Luongo win a big game. Hopefully he can ride that win out till the end of the season and into the playoffs. Seeing Crosby score that goal yesterday was more appealing to my eyes then the Sports Illustrated swim suite edition……well maybe not but it was close. Of all the things i’ve heard reporters say about the goal the comment that sticks out most was “he was born to score that goal” with all the praise, hype and pressure he gets put on him it was real suiting for Sid to score that goal. Thanks, Jan for the compliments, now hopefully my predictions for the Canucks can turn out the same way!

  9. Jordy, you also predicted at the start of the season that Montreal would do well with all their new additions. So I’m holding you to this. Hope you’re right.

  10. Okay all you hockey fans here’s a thought for you to chew on. I think the American’s second goal should not have counted. Now I’m not really clear on my IIHF rules but I believe that when an opposing player enters the goalie’s crease it’s an automatic stoppage. Well Parise’s foot was clearly in the crease and even up against Luongo’s pad when he scored the tying goal. Did he follow the puck into the crease? I couldn’t tell and I’m not well versed enough in the IIHF’s rules to know if that matters. If I’m right and we had lost in overtime that would have been criminal.

  11. Dishonest John, I don’t think it was ever mentioned by anybody. I never thought twice about it or thought to see where his skate was. But if it was illegal and the US would have won, you’re surely right, it would have been criminal. I also don’t know the IIHF rule on this. Wow, what a thought. Now I’m going to see if it gets mentioned now that the dust is settling.

  12. I’m sure that if this was the case, Luongo would have disputed and Niedermeyer would have had something to say as well. It’s history now. Currently, I’m kindda wondering how Capt. Luongo is going to deal with team mate-Kessler after all the dust is settled. Will see on Wed if anything changes…..

  13. Dishonest J, you could also point to the too many men on the ice and offside calls that were not called by the refs late in the third period against the U.S.

  14. Danno it makes you wonder who were the refs? I really haven’t seen the whole game yet so I haven’t seen that aspect of it. Jan you’re right you would have expected someone to make a stink except it’s not a rule the NHL follows so it may not have been something they would pick up on right away. Is there anyone out there who knows the IIHF rulrs?

  15. Dishonest John, the IIHF rules are available at

    A goal shall be allowed:
    7. If an attacking player being in the goal crease at the moment the puck crosses the goal line and in no way affects the goalkeeper’s ability to make a save, unless the cases described in Rule 471. NEW

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