Shut Out In Winnipeg

The Habs fell 4-0 to the Jets in Winnipeg, and at this point, I really don’t know what to say. I tried to look up cricket results for you but I couldn’t figure it out. It appears Pakistan and India are going head to head and are in their second day, but I don’t know if all this is normal and whether or not it’s a big match or not. Two powers, though. I think.

Carey Price played well on this night, although he blew the third goal. It makes no difference. I just thought I’d mention it.

P.K.Subban and Lars Eller were healthy scratches if you’re interested, and Alexei Emelin played and took a stick in the teeth so may be paying a visit to a dentist tomorrow. During the four minute penalty that became of this, Montreal failed to score and were almost scored upon.

In Australian Rules Football news, Tadhg Kennell was a star in Ireland’s 21 point win over Australia. What’s interesting about this is Kennell’s league team is the Australian Sydney Swans. What’s also interesting is this fellow is retiring and it was his last game on Australian soil.

Random Notes:

Habs are off now for Christmas, and then up to Ottawa on December 27th. I’m glad they’re getting a nice rest after such hard work lately.

Winnipeg outshot Montreal 34-27 and full marks to the Jets for getting it done and sending their fans home happy. Something Habs fans don’t experience often.

Canadiens went 0-4 on the power play.

Malaysia’s Muhd Rafiq Bin Ismail beat his Korean rival in two matches to win the Malaysian Junior All-Star Bowling Championship.

20 thoughts on “Shut Out In Winnipeg”

  1. Thanks Dennis…. I was wondering if Malaysia’s Muhd Rafiq Bin Ismail beat his Korean rival in Malaysian bowling ..I was pulling for him tonight…

    Oops….I think the Habs are sinking into Malaysian “do do” big time

  2. If you take away the 16 shots in the secound period for Montreal they had 11 shots over 40 minutes of hockey. Hopefully they are sellers this year and correct things with a good draft pick next year. I do not want to see a turn around that puts us in the middle of the standings. I’m tired of this team being mediocre. I want to see a winner or at the very least an exciting competitor. I listened to most of the game and was disgusted. Its time to play the kids as much as possible and look at getting rid of the underachievers. It’s time for Gomez to be farmed out or at least as soon as he is healthy and Cammy to find a new home. Gionta as well. If Gallagher is capable of playing for the team next year play him but dump the smaller forwards and get some sizeup front. The defence is at least fairly cheap and tradeable. I am not saying tank as that word is best left to Pittsburgh and Edmonton but at least start clearing room for some size and heart.

  3. I don’t know much about him but is Kennell willing to change sports rather than retire? You write that he’s a star and helped win a game. Either of which entitle him to his choice of any position on our starting line-up in Ottawa.
    Or maybe those cricket players are interested in a change. I think they hold and swing a cricket bat more like a hockey stick than a baseball bat. Again couldn’t be any worse than our current line-up.
    Too bad for Bin Ismail, I draw the line at poaching junior age players from other sports. There’s a whole tournament full of hard working junior age players who deserve their shot first.

  4. Don, if I was going to name names of those who should leave, I would name the same as you. Gomez, Cammy, and Gionta. And it’ll be interesting to see how Gallagher does in the World Juniors. Anyway, this team needs to be blown up. Ten playewrs at least need to move on, replaced by ten who are mostly bigger, don’t slump nearly as often, and show some toughness. The team needs a new look. No Habs fan can be proud of this bunch and it’s all very sad.

  5. But Christopher, we can get Bin Ismail to take the boys bowling!
    What a bad time for us. This would be a good time to write a blues tune.

  6. One of the most frustrating games I have watched since that game in 2007 ? on the last game of the season vs The Leafs when Carbo would not pull Huet & put in Halak to get The Habs into the playoffs but felt better when The Leafs got knocked out of the playoffs the next day in a game between Jersey & Islanders on a shoot out goal…

  7. Hey ,Dennis,Wow can’t understand this one at all,the Habs coulnt make a play at all,sorry I ‘ve heard alot folks say that when Markov retuns the things will be different,I dont think so.I hope I’m wrong but cant see it

  8. I wasn’t surprised by the loss, I was surprised by the shut-out though.

    So as it stands now we pick 7th in the draft. At this point let’s hope we make it to the basement and get in the lottery and win that number 1 pick and let’s pray it’s not given away in another god-awful trade.

    What a game. This isn’t even entertaining at all. I have to watch other games with other teams to get any sort of hockey entertainment this year. I even have tickets to the Detroit game in Feb and the Leafs game in March. I’m actually dreading going to them now. I guess I can make a game of it and play “how much do we lose by tonight?”

    Since the agreement comes to and end this summer there may be a buy-out option that the teams can make. If so, then it’s buh-bye Gomez, Cammy, Gionta, Markov, and Kaberle. PK has been so terrible lately that a part of me wants him gone as well but I think that would be a big mistake. The others can go and it won’t be much of a loss.

    Gionta hasn’t even shown up in the media to talk to the press about all this scandal (which would be nice). Darche hasn’t either and being a French-Canadian, you’d think his words would hold some weight with the fans.

    The Juniors should be fun to watch. I can’t wait to see our guys in action.

    Would have been nice if Santa gave us a win for Christmas but I guess we were all naughty and didn’t deserve it.

  9. Martin, I’ve been so bored lately watching the Habs. First time in memory where i walk around, make coffee, talk about other things to my wife while it’s on etc.

  10. Good point, Darth. Gionta doesn’t seem to be a great spokesman as captain. At least, my idea of a captain is somewhat old school. But still a good thing I think. Does any of this make sense?

  11. Derry, who knows, maybe they’ll turn it around in the new year. This is what I’m hoping for. But I’m not holding my breath.

  12. Darth, why would the players ever make the mistake of talking about the language thing? They need to focus on hockey. Period. As should we. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about this. It’s making hockey-watching no fun. I’m tired about hearing it from the media and the fans, in particular from bloggers and people who leave comments. Can we please get back to hockey? The only way the that hot topic will go away is if we ignore it. So rightfully so, our players should NOT discuss it. Whether they be Francophone or not is completely irrelevant.
    Let’s please let it go and play hockey.

  13. A lot of fans in Montreal are very sensitive Marjo (as you well know) about this language issue. Having an actual player on the team come out and address the issue to the fans would help appease these people a bit. I think it’s a stupid problem but for some it isn’t. A player saying something could do wonders.

    This isn’t a very good comparison but I think of the Richard Riot where Richard went on the radio to talk to people. It helped quite a bit. I think our players talking about it would be a good PR move. It’s sad that this is even an issue though. All this fuss for nothing.

    Dennis, I think Cole or Georges should be our Captain. They have leadership.

    Gionta may be too wishy-washy for it.

  14. Somebody should take this group of players to court and sue them for breach of contract. Don’t tell me they’re trying. It’s obvious they are just floating and maybe even playing badly on purpose. With the amount of money they are being paid it’s just unacceptable and criminal. I don’t care what it is they are unhappy about. They have a job to do – and they are being very well paid to do it. But for whatever reason many of them have decided to just give up and to stop trying. They should be ashamed of themselves. They are stealing from the fans who still have to pay crazy prices to watch extremely mediocre hockey.

    Something very dear and special has been taken away from us and we want it back.

    Dear Santa Claus. I have been a good boy all year ’round. Can I have my Habs back?

  15. Happy Holidays everyone! Usually it’s me ranting and raving.

    Unbelieveably, we are only four points out of a playoff spot which is the only reason we have hope. One explanation would be players may be in shock over coach firing and in the heart of the language storm in Montreal. Remember, these guys are just kids for petes sakes. I can barely remember any soccer games I played when I was in my early 20’s. And I was an awesome undrafted player, playing without an agent. Alas, I digress …

    I am disappointed but not heartbroken. All I’m gonna do is pray for a miracle and to be honest, all we need is definitely not a miracle. We just need some stupid under-achieving players to stand up.

    Hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday.

  16. there is that only “x” points out of a playoff spot again….. i submit that, 25th place out off 30 teams is a more accurate way to look at it, or only 5 teams with a worse record than the habs …………. the reality show, that is the habs keeps getting better and better, what with the language issue taking center ice. the hockey is shitty but every thing else about the karHABsions is entertaining the shit out of people and more importantly
    , distracting us from our brutal hockey reality. i’m hoping in the next episode, the language people, ( sounds like some destructive alien race doesn’t it ) will riot out side the bell center. i don’t wish for anyone to get hurt but a few trashed and burned police cars would be great………. stay tuned.

  17. Cunneyworth’s benching of PK and Eller is a good indication. Now if he could only bench Cammy and Gomez when he gets back.

    Cammy had sme gutless words in Gazzette saying its a ‘cop-out to send more bodies to the net.’ SHows his true colors in my mind. I say bench him for a few games and see if his blue colloar ethic comes out. He hates blue and wants to be a white collar. Pathetic, especially seeing that he’s Canadian. Emilin bringsmore to the table than Cammy ever will.

  18. Look guys if Gionta went to the media and said something it would quickly be spun against him because he did not say it in French also… The media would scream he has not learned french fast enough…..

    Why would an American,Russian,Swede,Slovak etc every want to be a captain of the Habs,they all speak English as a second language which is the international language of commerce . Their hockey career is a very short period of their life plus with the possibility of being traded it might be very short in a particular city.
    I am sure an italian captain on a greek club team is not expected to learn Greek…

    Someone has to give their head a shake….

    I mean is Real Madrid not as precise to the Spanish as the Habs are to french Quebecers….

    god this is so tiring …my relatives are all from Southern Ontario and it really has come to just eye rolling when this is heard from Quebec again and again

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