Showing It Again

It might be my favourite hockey picture and it doesn’t even have players in it. No action around the crease, no big goal or big save, no packed building full of screaming fans.

It’s simply a bunch of Habs wives getting together in the 1950s at Maurice and Lucille Richard’s house in Montreal to watch their men skate and shoot. I wish I could name these ladies, but all I can do is point out Lucille Richard, in the white blouse, third from right. And there were more than the six ladies, as you can see some lovely legs over on the far left.

The game looks tense. And there’s a reflection of Maurice in the mirror!

Habs wives


3 thoughts on “Showing It Again”

  1. Great picture!

    Safe bet they were NOT watching those Canadiens skate off the last six minutes with a three goal lead…

  2. I think it is very admirable of you Dennis to offer your services as stick boy for the Habs as well as making sure the players’ wives and girlfriends are comfortable.

    Mr. Molson, what are you waiting for. Pick up the phone!

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