Show Us Who You Really Are. You Can, You Know.


So enough is enough with the home cooking, familiar bed, kids jumping on you, wife getting you to take out the garbage, and playing quite mediocre hockey when it’s time to go to work.


Get out of town, even if it’s just for one game before two more back home, and get down to Raleigh, North Carolina, where most people don’t know you and don’t care anyway, and try to get this thing turned around.


Don’t read any papers, don’t stay out late, don’t drink too much, and show up at the rink ready to kick the bejeesus out of the Carolina Hurricanes Tuesday night.


Get mad. Get mad at the media, the talk shows, at fans who boo you, at bloggers like me who aren’t happy with your work ethic. Take it out on the other team. Show you’re a tight group like the Capitals showed on Saturday. Help Kovalev get that goal. Start proving that you’re an elite team. You know you are. Why can’t you act like one?


Was the Tampa game when you hit rock bottom? Of course it was. Now it’s only going to get better. Forget that there’s injuries, you’ve got good young guys to help out. Tell yourself that your power play is the best in the league, and kick it into high gear.


Demolish the Hurricanes and come back to Montreal revived and ready to steamroll the Flyers on Thursday and Buffalo on Saturday. Don’t wait until the new year to get things going. Start now. Like they say, “Why wait for Christmas?”






One thought on “Show Us Who You Really Are. You Can, You Know.”

  1. O Habs, Habs! Wherefore art thou, Habs?

    NHL, Montreal Canadiens, Season 100, Game 30.

    You wax poetic here, Dennis. Apostrophe, O Apostrophe! Why must Dennis suffer? Why must you make him make us suffer? Apostrophe, O Apostrophe do not punish us for his sins! Please, we beg you – let the Habs win! (And do feel free to pummel the dopey Canuckleheads who so impertinently infest this site.)

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