Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, Habs

So many things to be concerned with. Christmas presents, lousy weather, Scott Gomez, global warming, Andrei Markov and Ryan White coming back, the Habs making the playoffs, the European debt crisis, what Kim Kardashian has decided to do with the wedding presents, and plenty of other things too.

But first and foremost, we need to beat the Islanders on Tuesday night.

The last time these two teams met, it wasn’t pretty. Here’s how it went down on November 17th on Long Island:

Montreal managed to find themselves down 3-0 in the second period, but would eventually wake up slightly and begin to scrape and claw. Twice they came within reach, narrowing it to 3-2 and then 4-3. But overall it was mostly the Islanders on this night, the game ended as a 4-3 Habs loss, and from that point on, the Canadiens have won just four times in twelve games.

I remember this game on Long Island well. (Not really, I looked up my post from that night, but whatever). Peter Budaj was the goalie that night, he misplayed a puck behind his net that spurted out to an Islander, and the boys were behind the eight ball faster than you can say, uh, Petteri Nokelainen, who has 17 letters in his name which is tied with Michael Cammalleri for most on the team if you’re interested.

And before the Islanders began to grab their three-goal lead, they were all over the Habs, hitting posts and crossbars, and it was all quite disturbing to say the least. John Tavares was allowed to roam freely, and what he needs is a stiff crunch from Alexei Emelin to stop this nonsense.

Presently the Islanders sit in 14th place in the east, and surely we can beat these people and create a dizzying two-game winning streak. It’s not too much to ask. And can we please beat them properly and not in overtime or a shootout or a flukey goal after being outplayed or blowing a nice lead.

This is a plea from the far reaches of the Sunshine Coast. Show some moxy, you crazy Habs. Outplay these basement dwellars, and do it with sharp play and hard work. For one of the few times so far this year, impress the hell out of us.

We demand these two points. It’s our right as Habs fans.



20 thoughts on “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, Habs”

  1. We are really due to give some team – any team – a good shellacking.

    Just do it Habs.


    Here is the lovely Evelyne Audet welcoming Tomas Kaberle to the Canadiens and congratulating him on his first game with the team in which he scored two points. Listen to what he has to say about playing with Alexei Emelin. It’s very interesting and really raises his value in my opinion:|MTL|home

  2. Speaking of gals, here’s a Happy Holiday tidbit for all the guys on this site. Sadly I have nothing to offer Marjo.

  3. Also, in my defence Danno got me thinking of Evelyne so it’s all his fault. 🙂

    Gomez went off the ice today in “visible discomfort”. He was wearing a no-contact jersey and skating with the team. So I guess he won’t be back soon so my prediction of Markov coming back before Gomez scores one will stand up!

    One piece of very good news is that according to Bob McKenzie, Gallagher looks incredible so far at the tournament practices. We may just have a real gem on our hands. It’d be nice to have a 50 goal scorer again.

  4. Dennis,

    Is it me or were they a bit half-hearted with the background tinsel there? Looks like the window display in a cheap store. Disconcertingly low budget I’d say.

    Due to the early start I got to see the whole of the New Jersey game. That could have been the finest tactical glass change of all time there. NJ looked out of it in the third until they got that free timeout. I wonder…..

    If there’s one aspect that’s been consistent in recent seasons it’s the Habs ability to lose to those below them in the rankings. And the lower the better. Do teams rise to the occasion because of the name? It seems hard to credit that a group of pros could underplay their form so consistently.

    Time for a change. It starts tonight.

    Mind you if there’s any crushing of Tavares it wont be our man Emelin. He sits this one out apparently as Campoli returns.

    I’m guessing that may not be too popular with the home crowd.

    It’s a tough night for the home fan. A lot of extraneous issues to go with the important stuff, like buying beer and then buying more beer.

    Kaberle’s first home game! Whadda ya do?
    JM has sat Emelin. Whadda ya do?
    If they make a bad start? Whadda ya do?
    Gomez not playing. Who daya hate on?

    (I’m channelling late period Al Pacino here – “Heat” and so on)

    Was it always this difficult?

    Who’d be a fan?

    By the way I watched Canada beat the USA in women’s Goalball 5-1 if I remember rightly (it’s played by the visually impaired) the weekend before last. It was a test event for the new Olympic and Paralympic facilities, in this case the Handball Arena. You will not of course need to ask to whom I proferred my support.

  5. jm sits emelin because he was out of position a few times on the right side the other night. who does he play? weber. the softest guy on the team and probably single handily responsible for more goals against because of his soft play than any one………… i’m pissed and the game hasn’t even started yet………..

  6. Blue Bayou, that’s a good point about them changing the glass at that time. I wouldn’t doubt it. And I’m quite pissed like Hobo about them sitting Emelin. He’s been a bright light lately, among a lot of dim lights. All this kind of thing does is make this Russian wish he’d never come here. I just hate this decision. It is nice to see Camploi back, though. For the three seconds he was with the team in the beginning, he looked good. So we’ll see.

  7. Dennis,

    I forgot to mention that it was sad in a way to see Spacek go. I wish him good luck. One of those who did a good job. Maybe not spectacular but a solid pro.

    But who’s going to take his turn driving the school bus?

    btw did you see Stubbs Twitter comment that seems to suggest Emelin eas scratched for not being available for interviews if I read it right. Some sort of discipline issue rather than performance related. I’d expect him back for the Flyers surely.

  8. pierre mcquire says scotty bowman is more plugged in than ever and really bored……… anyone thinking what i’m thinking? how about two jobs in one scotty?

  9. Maybe Campoli is chomping at the bit and will play the game of his life alongside Kaberle.

    However, I can’t understand why Martin didn’t sit either Gill or Diaz instead.

    Habs need the toughness that Emelin provides. Diaz plays a really soft type of game and the Islanders will be thankful Jacques Martin spared them the bruising they would have received from Emelin.

    Emelin should be back against the Flyers. I hope.


    Tonight’s lineup:


    Mike Cammalleri – Tomas Plekanec – Andrei Kostitsyn
    Max Pacioretty – David Desharnais – Erik Cole
    Travis Moen – Lars Eller – Louis Leblanc
    Mathieu Darche – Petteri Nokelainen – Yannick Weber


    Josh Gorges – P.K. Subban
    Hal Gill – Raphael Diaz
    Chris Campoli – Tomas Kaberle


    Carey Price (will start) – Peter Budaj


    Alexei Emelin

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