Should’ve Done That

(Originally posted August 19, 2008)

I should’ve been a Forum maintenance man.

I remember going to the Forum years ago and noticing a small apartment building a block away. I’ve thought about this apartment building, because it would’ve been the key.

I should’ve saved enough for a year’s rent, went to Montreal as a teenager, and rented an apartment in this building. Then every day, early in the morning, for months on end, I would’ve walked the short block to the Forum and bugged people about a job.

Every day I’d be turned down, but slowly I’d swing into step two. And that would be helping Forum workers carry things from trucks and getting their coffee. I’d do this for free, of course, because it would be all part of the master plan.

The workers would soon enough get to know me because I’d be there at the same time every day, and was more than willing to help. They’d see with their own eyes that I really wanted to work at the Forum, and eventually their boss would see this too.

At some point, the Forum needed a new labourer because someone had quit, and because the boss and all the workers liked me and knew I was energetic, I was hired. Probably part-time to start.

I would’ve worked myself into a permanent position, and stayed there for more than thirty years.  I would’ve cleaned up hats on the ice. I would’ve fixed the glass, painted lines, laid the red carpet for dignitaries, scraped blood from the ice after John Ferguson had throttled someone, been working the night of the first 1972 Canada-Russia tilt,, and became friendly with all the players and their wives.

I would’ve been at every game and every Stanley Cup in Montreal at the old Forum for more than three decades, helped the boys work out some kinks at the new Molson/Bell Centre, and then retired.

It would’ve been good.

4 thoughts on “Should’ve Done That”

  1. You’re right about all of it.

    And in another dimension, Dennis Kane did just that. Be glad for that Dennis Kane. =)

    I’m glad we have this Dennis Kane. This Dennis Kane started and maintained one of the most fluid, delightful and personable Montreal hockey blogs; a word the other Dennis Kane doesn’t even know of. This Dennis Kane is a writer; he’s authentic, biting, welcoming, knowledgeable, curious, endearing and funny.

    I’m glad I got to meet him, even if it’s only over the phone or on the internet.


  2. Dennis, what about the Molson daughter that would have taken a shine to that young, energetic, hardworking maintenance man? There’s no retiring when you’re president of the Canadiens and in charge of keeping the wives satisfied.

  3. Dennis—–Shodda, Wodda, and Codda never got far, BUT you may have been there to carry Gomez’ duffle bag,take Kaberle out for lunch—–nay we’re glad you missed THAT boat and doing yer time in Powell river feeding us our daily Hab fix!!!!! Thank You!!

  4. And I would have seen you on my tv set and thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a job like that guy and I wonder if he knows how lucky he is?”

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