Shouldn’t Everyone Have A Habs Three-Wheeled Bike?

  It was a thirty dollar piece of junk when I bought it at a second-hand store. Things were bent, the wheels and tires were garbage, it was yellow, rusty, and there were several other layers of paint underneath.


That was a year ago.


But I tore it apart, brought the paint down to the metal with the help of my neighbour, and started from scratch again. When things got a little more complicated near the end, I enlisted the local bike mechanic to give me a hand.


Now it’s done, except for a nice white basket to go on the back, and maybe a Habs flag to fly proudly as I wheel around the streets of Powell River.


10 thoughts on “Shouldn’t Everyone Have A Habs Three-Wheeled Bike?”

  1. What? No postmortem here? Are you in shock, Dennis? Or denial? Hey, look at the bright side – at least we didn’t `lose’ in a shoot-out …hehe.

  2. Didn’t see so can’t comment. I was off a long way away doing something wild and crazy involving airplanes and hotels.

  3. Dennis i can sense that you could possibly be having a secret love affair with the canucks but you say these awful things about them to cover it up.

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