Shootout Shoots Canadiens

It was a spirited affair, jam-packed with close calls, big hits, dirty hits, questionable penalty calls, a Ryan White fight, a comeback, an overtime, and a shootout. All that stuff. Even a dirty Brad Marchand check, which should’ve been written into the program..

But when it was all said and done, the Canadiens had lost the game 4-3 while Toronto was winning in Edmonton, and the noose is so tight I’m starting to gag.

Montreal played hard and tough, with White adding feistiness, Alexei Emelin crushing Shawn Thornton and others, and so many Habs coming to play, unlike some nights when it seemed some must have been nursing hangovers or taken sedatives. The Desharnais, Cole and Pacioretty line did again what they do always do, make an impact and pick up points, and there were others too. Josh Gorges and PK Subban enjoyed fine nights, Mathieu Darche dug deep and scored a shorthanded goal, and Carey Price, for the most part, was solid.

But them we remind ourselves that Hal Gill gave up the puck in the first period which resulted in Boston’s first goal. We saw Lars Eller take a four-minute high-sticking penalty which put him solidly on the bench for much of the remainder of the game. And we saw a weak non-effort from Tomas Kaberle on Benoit Pouliot, who in turn undressed Chris Campoli for Boston’s second goal.

To make matters worse, the Bruins scored a power play marker after Erik Cole had been sent off for goaltender interference which was questionable to say the least. Cole was simply coming in hard with the puck and had no chance to avoid Thomas.

This game, in which ticket buyers got their money’s worth, was close to being over when in the third, the Canadiens made their charge when Max Pacioretty lit the lamp, Erik Cole said thank you to a Zdeno Chara giveaway, and presto, the Habs were back in it, the game was tied, and a good time was had by all.

That is until the thing got to a shootout and Rene Bourque, Max, and a semi-frozen Lars Eller couldn’t get it done, young Tyler Seguin could, and the Bruins walk out with two points in their pocket and the Canadiens just one.

What could have been. It’s just very sad.

Random Notes:

It was only a couple of days ago when Thomas Kaberle gave up the puck to Eric Staal in the Carolina game, allowing Staal to easily walk around him and score a shorthanded goal which tied the game and set things in motion for the Habs to blow it. And again tonight, Kaberle was weak on a goal and quite ordinary at best.

In honour of Thomas Kaberle being so lousy, I’ve thought up a lousy joke: What do you get when you join five Kaberle sticks together? One Chara stick.

Shots on goal – Boston 34, Montreal 29

I’m sure Carey Price would be the first to admit he hasn’t been sparkling in shootouts.

Next game, Friday in Buffalo.

For those of you who support Scott Gomez, what exactly is it you’re supporting?

Brad Marchand submarined Alexei Emelin, and luckily Emelin was okay. Marchand got a two-minute clipping call out of the deal, and I’ll bet Emelin could grind this rat into powder with his bare hands if he wanted to. Marchand better be careful in dealing with this ultra-strong Russian bear.

11 thoughts on “Shootout Shoots Canadiens”

  1. I’ll bet Marchand’s penalty doesn’t even get a look at by Shanahan’s office when it looked very similar to what got him suspended before. Why don’t the Habs put a full court press on Campbell in the off season as he is a UFA. His salary is 1.1mil and we could easily make it 1.5mil and make it harder for the Bruins to keep the 4th liner. Maybe we will get a few better rulings out of the front office if we had him. Remember when he played for Florida and his dad sent a memo around about a certain Bruin player who would wind up being a teamate albeit short time due to injury the next season. Again I say think outside the box and try this. 1.5 – 1.8 mil could be cheap compensation to et the front office do us a few favors and don’t try and say this hasn’t happened(example Lucic vs Miller).

  2. A lot of Boston fans are claiming the Marchand hit was ‘hip on hip’. Right.

    RC did say that he was told Shanny would be reviewing this hit but who knows what will happen. The little creep did just get suspended so let’s see what happens here. I have a feeling he’ll get away with it.

    I can’t stand Thornton at all.

    Funny how people are up in arms about people cheering about Chara getting a puck in the face – gee, what happened when Pacioretty got hit? I remember Bruins players standing up and cheering it! The fans in Boston gave Chara a standing ovation even. Yet we’re bad.

    I’m glad we played a more physical game. That’s nice to see and Cole and Pacioretty and DD are just a delight to watch.

    The one thing I hate about this season more than anything is the damn mixed feelings we get. We’re up, we’re down, we’re amazed, we’re disgusted – sometimes all in one game. We come back to tie it, we’re on a high, we’re feeling good….then we lose. Sigh.

  3. Habs should have won that game during 60 mins…outplayed the Bruins

    Why don’t they play a physical game like that more often, To me they are not as small a team as people say …A small team is my quick Maple smurfs………..

    When is Washington getting Green and Backtrom back they could be trouble…Are the Islanders for real…My Maple Smurfs squeaked out one last night….Should be an interesting race…

    I like the grit White brings

    p.s Marchand and the Bruins are A-holes…..

  4. dra58, another innovative idea. I’m not even sure how effective Campbell is as a player but the price is right and we’d have big daddy poosibly in our corner. The Bruins make me sick the way they dodge so many bullets. I don’r get it and most don’t, Even many Bruins fans and Hab-haters feel Chara should have gotten at least one game and probably ten. Marchand could have ended Emelin’s season, it was very close, and some day this rat is going to pay the price.

  5. Darth, yeah, Ray Ferraro on TSN was saying how classless it was of Bell Centre fans to cheer when Chara took a puck in the face. It`s only a puck in the face for gawd`s sakes. Hockey players lose teeth and break noses all the time. I thought it was lovely that such a small piece of karma came back and smacked him in the face. I just wish it was Marchand, only in front of a slapshot.

  6. Leaf Fan, White brings grit and Gomez brings shit. And yes, the Bruins are A-holes, so mnay of them, although I wouldn`t mind their coach in Montreal. I need to find a new sport. Maybe I should join a cribbage league. But at least it was one point and not none. And yes, the Leafs are hanging in.

  7. Another thought for next years team. Why not sign a shootout specialist for 1.5mil per year. It would help us score goals in the shootout and give Price a little bit of confidence when facing the other team. Remember the goal measures 72″x48″ or 24 square feet and a puck is 3″x1″ therefore in an open net you should be able to place 1152 pucks. Allowing for a good goalie should still leave room for approximately 115 pucks. that means you already have a 10 percent chance of scoring before you shoot. Putting a trained shooter in there can only increase the odds to hopefully 33 percent so with that in mind we should at least score 1 goal every shootout which is better than this year. I took a few math liberties but you get the idea. We need a GM who will use his mind and a coach who will do likewise which is why I am not totally against Cunneyworth.

  8. Great quote Dennis. Short, to the point and oh so right.

    RDS gave some statistics before the shootout. I can’t remember exactly what they were but they weren’t flattering. Something like Price has allowed 12 goals on 27 shots while Thomas only 1 goal in 11 attempts. Our shooters were equally inept.

    And how did Pacioretty not score after turning Thomas inside out?

  9. Chris, if the power play was normal, if we won a couple more shootouts, and if Scott Gomez did something, we’d be in about 6th place or better right now.

  10. dra58, it makes a lot of sense because if we would’ve had a shootout specialist that won a handful of games for us, we wouldn’t be in this pickle. You have some really good and surprising ideas.

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