Shoot The Breeze With Lanny At A Final Game


 Scotiabank is embarking on a terrific contest with a sensational prize.

You can win tickets for you and 3 friends to a Stanley Cup® Final game with non-other than the dashing and stache-ing hockey legend Lanny McDonald. He’ll sit with you for the whole game and you can talk mustaches, horses, rural Alberta, team beer-drinking contests of which Lanny is an undisputed champion, or whatever.

You can even talk about the game which you’ll be at!
How great is that?

Enter from May 10 at 3pm to June 9 at 11:59pm. EST.
The grand prize will be awarded on May 26th.
Also, every day, a Stanley Cup® prize pack with Reebok NHL gear will be awarded to one participant (until June 9).
The grand prize includes hotel accommodation and spending money.

This is all going down on Scotiabank’s Facebook page starting at 3PM today (Tuesday) at Facebook Scotia Hockey Club
It’s a great prize and will be a wonderful night. Although Lanny played a part in the Flames beating Montreal in 1989 and I wasn’t happy about that at the time.

3 thoughts on “Shoot The Breeze With Lanny At A Final Game”

  1. Hey Dennis,Great contest,that would be just great to win something like that,imagine the stories that would come from him.I would just be in awe if I was to happen upon a thing like that.Great to see Rick Nash is playingf tommorow,Go Canada .

  2. Dennis,

    “Lanny played a part in the Flames beating Montreal in 1989 and I wasn’t happy about that at the time.”

    If I win and go to the game do you want me to fight him? I’ll leave it ’til near the end so I see most of the action. I know I’ve said that I think fighting in Hockey is overdone, but I was only referring to the individuals on the ice of course. Or maybe I’ll just set his tache on fire. Just let me know.

    btw, I watched my first game (on playback) since the sad demise of our boys. It was the 4-3 Wings v Sharks game (game 5). I enjoyed it in a detached kind of a way. I may be able to watch some more now without weeping. Not sure I’m ready to watch the Bruins take on Tampa but it’s the next stage of rehab.

  3. Thank you, Blue Bayou. I would appreciate it very much if you would grab him by the mustache and twist, all the while saying that this is payback for 1989. And…I’m not sure if I can watch the Bruins. In fact, I’m pretty sure I can’t. I’ll only watch them if they meet Vancouver in the finals and I’ll turn my head whenever they have the puck.

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