Shocking Admission From Luke Schenn

luke_schenn_165x250I don’t know how to say this. Bear with me while I get myself together.

Luke Schenn has admitted recently that he doesn’t know the names of any of the Beatles. Schenn had taken in a performance of Cirque du Soleil’s “Love”, which is based on the music of the Beatles, playing at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. Afterwards, Schenn was asked by an inquisitive reporter if he could name any of the Beatles. “No, not even close,” admitted the young Toronto Maple Leaf’s star.

How can this be? Or, the question is, do most 20 year’s old not know the names of the Beatles?

Say for the sake of argument that he’s never heard of George Harrison and Ringo Starr because he’s young.  But surely he’s heard the names Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Or maybe just Paul McCartney, because he’s still out there working. John was killed in 1980, nine years before Schenn was born, but you have to think that Schenn would’ve at least heard the name growing up.

I’m having a hard time with this.

I suppose there’s only one real explanation. He’s a Leaf.


6 thoughts on “Shocking Admission From Luke Schenn”

  1. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, he has a bad case of leafitis. A thirtysomething guy that I used to work with never heard of the Titanic, I thought he was pulling my leg but he was serious. I never asked, but he could have been a leaf fan too.

  2. I wonder if he’s heard of Elvis. Or Rocket Richard. But I am really surprised about this Beatles thing. Anyway, have a great Sunday, Moey.

  3. I’ve heard that there’s people in Powell River who’ve never been outside of Powell River their entire lives. And they’re adults.

  4. That’s really bad, must not have had time to learn anything while he was playing hockey his whole life. I can’t believe he never even remembered hearing about them on TV or something!

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