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  1. From Canadiens.com…

    Hairy Carey: While it was generally understood that most of the Habs would shed their “Movember” moustaches come Dec.1, the moustache generating the biggest debate was the one belonging to Carey Price. After enjoying a stellar month of goaltending that saw him not only win the Molson Cup for a second straight time, but also lead all netminders in votes on the all-star ballot, people were beginning to wonder if the facial accoutrement might be his lucky charm.

    “The fans have been amazing here. I really appreciate them jumping on board and supporting me. It’ll be great if I get in, but I’m just concentrating on winning games right now,” said Price of the 145,726 fans that have voted for him to date. But what about the moustache?

    “Me and him are going to have to have a little talk later,” said Price with a quick scratch of his hairy upper-lip. “The ‘stache did some good work there, but it’s going to come off tonight. It’s getting a little itchy…”

  2. Hey Dennis, That was a great mojo for Carey,but shows that he doesnt believe in superstitions.He seems to have gotten all his shit together this year and is looking forward and not thinking about the past games he played last year.My hat goes off to him all the way this year,very pissed off at the thugs who broke into Mrs Burns car,I hope they are caught and dealt with in an unormal way.

  3. Dennis,

    As a great collector of Habs memorabilia, I know it wont be too long before you post a photo of the Price ‘tache, carefully mounted in a suitable presentation case, proudly residing in the Powell River inner sanctum.

    Although if you decide to offer it as a prize, please count me out of that particular draw. ‘Cause while I’m aware of the romantic tradition of keeping a lock of a loved one’s hair in a locket or somesuch, personally I rate the ‘tache alongside teeth, dentures, knee caps, glass eyes, ears and other collectable body parts, about the keeping of which, I feel a strange unease.

    But maybe that’s just me.

  4. BlueBayou, I’m afraid there will be no mustache collection in my house. Just wouldn’t seem right. I think Price should keep it and give to his future wife when he proposes, instead of a ring. Just a nice touch, I think. “Will you marry me? Oh, don’t worry, I shampooed all the dried snot off it.” Just really romantic.

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