Sharks Go Out Fighting

It took a Ryan Kesler goal with 16 seconds left in the third period to tie it at two, and a puck that bounced fortuitously off a stanchion to Kevin Bieksa, who fired a fluttering shot past Antti Niemi midway through the second overtime period.

And with that, the Vancouver Canucks hurtle themselves into the Stanley Cup final against an eastern team unfortunately not named the Montreal Canadiens.

The Sharks were just 16 seconds from taking the game back to northern California for a big game six. But it isn’t to be. Full marks to them, though, they played hard and tough. Although Dany Heatley, in Gomezian fashion, was mostly a non-factor for the entire series.

Both Sedin’s were outstanding in this big game five, as was Roberto Luongo in net. But I’ve seen the Green Men have better nights.

Canucks fans can taste a Stanley Cup. Can this team do it? Most of the west coast thinks so.

I can’t go on. I’ve got to get up at 4:30 which feels like only minutes away.


5 thoughts on “Sharks Go Out Fighting”

  1. Dennis,

    Its so good to see the canucks so close. Its been 17 long years and i think this could be the team to finally win one for us. The Sedins are playing top notch and its so nice to seem them at their full potential. I also think Roberto Luongo can officially the question mark of being a goalie that cant win the big game, Hes has some questionable games but he has also played a big part in getting the canucks to where they are right now. Its also nice to see Alex Burrows find his scoring touch again. The Canucks defence is looking sharp too. Kevin Bieksa has played outstanding for the entire playoffs, and i think has undoubtably been the teams best defencemen. You can really comment on the entire team because they really dont have a weak links right now, lines 1 – 4 are all playing good and playing their roles effectively. The one guy who has really emerged as a superstar is Ryan Kesler, the things hes doing for this team right now is increadible. The clutch goals he scoring and tight defense hes playing is really proving he is one of the most complete players in the game right now and the guy has the heart and guts that would make any team in the league want to have him. I guess my point in all of this is that its nice to see the canucks playing their best hockey of the season at the most important part of the season. 4 more wins away, its so close but yet so far away.

  2. So the Canucks got a bigger boat… and the Sharks are dead once again this year. I can’t pretend to dislike the result, but I do think sometimes – to paraphrase some nail and war quote badly – for want of a bounce the Cup was lost.

  3. It is good, Jordy. And it’s been this year where I’ve really come to admire the Sedin’s and Kesler. The Sedin’s are very special players. Even last night in such a low-scoring deal they created some really nice and dangerous plays. I think they have to be mentioned in the same breath as any other superstar in the league. Kesler, I’d love to have on the Habs. He plays it tough and he gets points. He’s an all-round player. Bieksa, like you say, has been their best on the blueline. And Luongo was fantastic last night and other nights too. I feel, without sounding like I’m sucking up to Canucks fans, that this team is going to win it all and definitely has what it takes. Especially having the Sedin’s. They’re just flat-out great. You must be very proud, Jordy. And you should be.

  4. Good morning, Tyg. Geez, it just feels like I went to bed. For me it would have been terrible to see San Jose in the finals. I’m not sure if I’d even watch one game. The Canucks got a couple of lucky breaks – 16 seconds left and they score, and then a weird puck off the stanchion, but they are the better team overall. When my wife and I went down to see the Habs in Vancouver, the one thing I really noticed that with Montreal there were players of all sizes – some big, some little, it was all over the map. With Vancouver they all seemed big, all the same. I’m happy for Canucks fans but I must say, they’d better be happy for me when Montreal does this next year. Or I’m going to be really pissed.

  5. Hey Dennis,Well ya gotta be lucky sometimes eh?I think the Canucks should be thankfull that Luongo had a game like he did after being outshot almost 2-1.Big louis came to the plate and dkidnt strike out ,if I can use a babseball analogy in hockey,kinda wrong eh.The Canucks are heading to the Stanley Cup,hopefully against the Bolts.Let the games begin.

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