Shark Waters

Canadiens clash with the Sharks tonight in San Jose and wind up a tough four-game trip to California and Arizona.

Time to get back to Montreal where the weather’s much better.

The last time these two teams met it was at the Bell Centre on Oct. 26 when the Habs were blanked 2-0 by the Sharks.

It was a night when Travis Moen took a puck in the face and missed a couple of weeks due to a fractured orbital bone. I remember saying at the time that it was probably just a little cut and no big deal, which makes me no better than Dr. Recchi.

They were also losing just 1-0 that night when a puck hit a glass support on a shot from outside the blueline, and with Carey Price behind the net ready to corral it, it when directly in and suddenly it was 2-0.

Sound familiar? The same thing that happened to Dustin Tokarski a few nights ago in Anaheim. These California rinks have to fix their glass supports.

Big game, Peter Budaj’s in net, and how great it would be for the boys to come home after playing .500 hockey on this swing.

They should be rested now. Tomas Vanek and Mike Weaver should be feeling more comfortable, and seeing the Canadiens play great would make it much easier to stay up so late and watch.



8 thoughts on “Shark Waters”

  1. Murry may be slower then some—but tougher than a lot of ’em!! Used PROPERLY, coach Thornbush, we might have someone to cheer for. SMARTIN’ UP COACH!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’d like to see the Golden Gals challenge the Golden Boys to a game for CANADIAN GOLD. No body contact would make for a jimdandy!!

  3. Murray’s definitely tough, Peter. And we need toughness. And I’d like to know why we’re seeing less of Emelin’s thunderous checks.

  4. The Shark tank is not a very bright place. But those two annoying advertising signs on the boards are.

  5. Are they ever annoying signs, Marjo. So bright. Sometimes they can’t even be read. And it is a darker type rink. Another one I find like that is in Tampa Bay.

  6. Can I be negative for a sec?

    * no fair that Price is hurt
    *why can’t we win six games in a row?
    *Larry Robinson should’ve been ours
    *where the heck’s our Stanley Cup, dammit? I WANT A STANLEY CUP!!!

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