Shameless Ploy For Votes

I guess I’ll be shameless and pitiful.  This Habs blog vote which is now going on and which I’ve found myself in the final three, ends on Sunday. So I need votes because although it doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things and is silly in many ways because there’s a lot of great Habs blogs out there, I still have my ego and self-esteem problems and all the other issues I have that I don’t want to talk about right now.

The link is this; Habs blog vote. The two great blogs in the running with me, Daily Hab-it and Four Habs Fans, are going to catch me if you don’t help because I know they’re coming on strong.  But whatever will be will be.

But I’ll buy you a beer in Powell River.  And I’ll give you an interesting tour of the town!  And then we”ll stop for beer again!

5 thoughts on “Shameless Ploy For Votes”

  1. Hi Dennis,

    Consider yourself the receipient of vote #21 from me. I’ll be sipping a few cold ones with you when I visit Powell River on of these days.

    Best of luck in your poll results. I’m a loyal reader! Sorry you’ll be working tonight and missing some fine hockey.

  2. Diane, thanks! And there’s nothing like a few cold ones in a nice little place like Powell River.

  3. Dennis
    I want to vote for you but can’t figure out how to do it. Can you help?
    Good luck. Don and I were in Montreal in May and spent hours at the Bell Centre. Have you been there yet? The entrance hasd the top 100 moments in Canadiens hockey and every team is listed around the outside of the brick commemorative display.

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