Shakin All Over

An earthquake measuring 6.7 on the Richter scale hit my area of the world a couple of hours ago, and the guy at the gas station said the trees were moving and things were shaking inside.

I didn’t feel it. I was at work and giving my normal 140% so my mind was elsewhere.

But I am traumatized and those who wish to send money to the Kane Earthquake Trauma Relief Fund can do so at this blog.

7 thoughts on “Shakin All Over”

  1. Looks like it has been downgraded to magnitude 6.3.

    First report was 5.7, then 6.6, then 6.7 then 6.3!/CANADAquakes

    My company’s into earthquakes.
    We got the same results as the government but we got them faster.!/nanometricsinc
    Obviously they need to purchase more of our products.

  2. It’s true Dennis always gives 140% at work.

    10% on Monday
    35% on Tuesday
    30% on Wednesday
    45% on Thursday
    20% on Friday….

    He even comes in sometimes on his days off.

    BC Ferries should honour him somehow for his excellence and dedication.

  3. Dennis, don’t lie.

    It was more like 5% work, 10% “what should I write on the site tonight?”, 5% “what to have for supper?hmm” and 80% “God I miss hockey and wish it’d start already”.

    The extra 40% is “oh wow, look at those girls over there”. 🙂

    To be fair, my day is this:

    5% work, 5% supper, 10% videogames, 30% “I should be doing this….”, and 50% worrying about the Habs season: “Will Price win the Vezina, will we really do good this year? etc…”

    My other 40% is “wow, look at those girls over there.”

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