Shack And Beliveau

My old buddy Mike Williamson gives us this little story. He was at a store the other day and Eddie Shack happened to be there shopping. Mike and Eddie chatted for about 20 minutes or so, Jean Beliveau’s name came up, and they both agreed it’s great that Jean is improving from his recent stroke.

Eddie told Mike that when he played against Montreal, he would often give Jean a punch after hitting him, and then say sorry. One day the two of them happened to cross paths at the airport and Jean asked Eddie why he always said sorry after punching him.

Because sometimes I lie,  answered Eddie.

12 thoughts on “Shack And Beliveau”

  1. Jean Beliveau = Class and a great player

    Eddie Shack = Entertainer and good player

    Summary = great memories

    Get well big number 4 …….

  2. Leaf Fan, that’s right, Shack was a good but not a great player. He’d put his head down and bomb down the wing like he was possessed. The problem was, he usually lost the puck at some point. But really an entertainer. He used to sell Christmas trees in Toronto. Maybe he still does.

  3. Hey Dennis,Eddie the entertainer,what more can I say.I really enjoyed watching Shack play the game and listening to his comments afterwards.He is what is missing from todays game,Peter Mahovolich was another.Today,hockey is so serious,so all about money and who will make the most,no characters left anymore,the game misses that.

  4. That’s a pretty funny story. I remember hearing one about Gump Worsley that made me laugh: I can’t remember who it was that told this (Cherry possibly?) but one night he and Gump went out drinking and got fairly hammered.

    Instead of going home drunk, Gump went to the house of the the guy and he slept in the baby’s crib since there was plenty of room and he wasn’t a tall guy and being drunk it made pefect sense. I think the storyteller kept the baby with him. Anyways, the next day he and Gump got the fright of their lives when they heard this massive bone-chilling scream. The Mrs went to the crib to see the baby and who is lying there but Gump, dead asleep and probably still three sheets to the wind.

    Well, it looks like Gomez is safe from your wrath Dennis: he’s apparently out for the season now. So we may have seen his last game as a Hab. I don’t wish injury on anyone but good riddance!!!

    Also Markov has been cleared for contact and we may see him soon. Gauthier was a little off in his predictions wasn’t he?

  5. Darth, here’s one about Shack. His teammates were ribbing him and one asked, hey Eddie, how’d ya manage to get out of grade three. Eddie replied, I used to loan the teacher my car.

  6. Dennis do you remember the song “Clear the track here comes Shack” they made in the sixties…

  7. Martin, I wasn’t aware and I’m sad to hear that. In my post where I talk about Calgary and the Rocket at an oldtimers’s game, Talbot played in that. I hope he’s okay.

  8. Derry, thats one of things Eddie said as we talked, its now all about me & money. Not cherishing the sweater you wear & play as though you despise the other guy not like like some fraternity were in the off season you golf or go fishing together. He said in his day if that was done you were on our way out of town real fast!

  9. Dennis – Talbot was the player that ended Scotty Bowman’s hockey slashing/high sticking him in the head on a breakaway but when Bowman coached St Louis brought in Talbot to play on his team…..

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