Seven Bucks

Yes, Gary Bettman’s vision of NHL in southern cities is definitely working out. If you’re a Florida Panthers fan.

The Panthers have announced their new ticket promotion and it goes like this: Buy a season ticket and games can be as low as $7 a ticket. This also includes free parking and a Panthers jersey. Total this and the three comes to $336.00 for all of the 48 games.

Now compare NHL rinks in Canada to what the Panthers are offering. Off the top of my head, maybe $100 a ticket, $30 for parking, and $200 for a jersey, which works out to $330 for ONE game. Then it’s another five grand or so for the remaining 47 games, plus parking.

With not a palm tree in sight. And scalpers prices? I don’t even want to go there. I can tell you first-hand, it hurts immensely.

Yes, it’s a great deal for hockey fans in Sunrise. Seven bucks a ticket? I’m glad I don’t own this franchise.

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  1. Doesn’t matter, Tom. He fights to keep these teams like the Panthers and Coyotes where they are. He hates to move teams and thus, his vision remains. It doesn’t matter at all that it was the guy before him. It matters what Bettman does now.

  2. He also fought to keep Ottawa, Buffalo and Pittsburgh where they are. And he’ll fight for the Oilers before letting them move.

    I’m not a big Bettman fan, but I do like the fact that he will try to keep teams where they are, and having them move be a last option.

  3. Even $7 a ticket will not get me to a game. I am committed to not attending for a few years. After spending at least $700 per trip to Vancouver these last three years I am in no mood to spend an additional dollar. I will rent RDS ($3.50 / month) but thats it. The NHL and its players can kiss my a$$. It’s disgusting howmuch they allmake. i hope they all get booed on opening night. If the habs win the cup, I may come back and attend a game but we’ll see.

    Fuck you players and fuck you Butthead. And fuck you Bruins (biggest assholes out there).

  4. The Senators have gone all out and are offering discount popcorn (not free) as a promo on certain select games only (shitty teams nobody wants to go see).

    What an incredible display of fan appreciation and generosity…

  5. $7 doesn’t even buy you a beer at the Bell Centre..hell, I’m not even sure it will buy you a simple Coke.

    Hell – you have to go on a waiting list to get season tickets to the Habs and you have to pay an annual fee for the privilege! You could be on that list for 10-15 years and paying at least 100$ a year for nothing but keeping your name on a list that you pray and hope is done fairly.

    Ottawa fans should tell the Sens to take that “great deal” and shove it up their ass. Thanks for nothing.

  6. The Sens are actually offering more than that. If you buy an adult ticket, you can get a ticket for your kid under the age of 15 for free. Parking is free for some games. And, as mentioned, the concessions are cheaper on some of the nights.

    So, for a family of four (including two kids), you can get four tickets for the price of two, free parking and save money on concessions. The cost of going to the game, while not as cheap as Tampa, is still a big savings.

  7. It’s even better than that for those in Florida. At $7 a game, the season ticket price is only $168, (only 24 home games). I don’t know how they can do it, as you point out that’s barely the cost of a jersey. $135 is the cheapest Canadiens men’s jersey. Maybe the Panthers don’t expect anyone buying these tickets to know what a hockey jersey is supposed to be and they only give you a T-shirt.

    With $1 dollar popcorn, the Sens are only making about 95¢ per bag. It’s been a long time since I’ve parked at the Kanata Palladium; busing out avoided 30 minutes of traffic and walking in what was then an unpaved pasture.

  8. Oh my God!!! I’m such an idiot, I failed!!!!!

    Remember how I swore I wouldn’t buy anything “Canadiens”?? I was at the dollar store amassing junk for a project and unconsciously threw a box of tissues with the CH on thy box!!! Trouble is It didn’t even dawn on mr until one of my kids said yesterday What is THAT doing in our house???!!!

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