Setting A New Driving Record

We left Las Vegas this morning at 6am and it’s now 7:30 pm. I drove almost 1500 kilometres, only stopping a couple of short times, and went through Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and halfway up Oregon to here, in Baker City. I think it’s a new driving record for me. The roads were empty and excellent. For those living in the States, 1500 kilometres equals, uh, a lot of miles.

Anyway, there’ll be no hockey talk from me as I can hardly see. All you’re going to get is the sound of me drinking a beer. Glug, glug, gluggg. Burp. Excuse me.

Oh, one other thing. I see Boston lost. Glug, glug, glug, glug, burp. Excuse me.

4 thoughts on “Setting A New Driving Record”

  1. Try this, Montreal to Slade (Kentucky), non-stop, over-night, only to hit the cliffs for some rock climbing the morning we got there. Did this twice.

    I was at Mile 13 campground once (just outside Las Vegas), when a couple showed up one night, asking to share our camp site. They had driven about 24 hours, from Edmonton (again for climbing), and were dead-dog tired.

  2. Wow! One thing’s for sure. You’re in better shape than me. And that couple from Edmonton must’ve been on speed.

  3. Wow,

    That is impressive! I drove Montreal to L.A. a few years back and it took me seven driving days. Yup, Boston lost, yahooooooo!

  4. Seven days is very sensible. You did it the right way. I should’ve. I never said I was smart. The problem was, my wife doesn’t drive except around town so I did all of it. 2400 km in a day and a half.

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