Sergei To Play In Music City


The Canadiens have shipped Sergei Kostitsyn to the Nashville Predators for 24 year old forward Dustin Boyd and goalie Dan Ellis, 30, and in doing so rid themselves of an ongoing headache that a hundred bottle of aspirins wouldn’t cure.

It’s slightly bitterseet, though. Kostitsyn had plenty of natural talent, and in the beginning, hopes were high on the young Belarusian blossoming into a star. But too many things were off-beat aside from a lack of production. He had run-ins with coach Martin, was sent down a couple of times to Hamilton, had publicity asked for a trade, got into a brief argument with Carey Price after not being an eager participant in a practice, was told to stay home during a team playoff roadtrip, and only days ago criticized the team for trading Jaroslav Halak. And of course there was the infamous friendship with a Montreal criminal. 

It’s best for Sergei and best for the Habs. It’s a year-round soap opera in Montreal with the hockey club, and lessening the soap opera in anyway at all is a beautiful and important thing. It’s like a dark cloud rising.

Hopefully Sergei plays well in Nashville and has a great and long career. It certainly wasn’t going to happen in Montreal.

With Dan Ellis adding to the goaltending situation, Montreal seems to be fine in nets. Of course…………………

I remember Dustin Boyd from the World Junior Championships in 2006 and he was a solid, impressive young forward who should look good in a Habs jersey.

I think this is a great deal for Montreal considering some fans wanted to trade Kostitsyn for three rolls of tape.

Here’s the lowdown on these two good Canadian prairie boys, Dustin Boyd and Dan Ellis

20 thoughts on “Sergei To Play In Music City”

  1. I’m glad too Denis. And I am surprised we actually got something of value from the Preds in exchange.
    I hope Sergei does well too. Just not against us…

  2. I’m with Danno in that I’m also surprised we got more than the proverbial bag ‘o pucks for Lil Tits. Yeah, it’s basically just 36 hours worth of negotiating rights for Ellis and Boyd, but I’ll take it. If nothing else, SK’s non-presence in the Habs dressing room will likely mean less distraction, at the very least less media bruhaha about the kid vs. the team vs. the Habs, etc. etc.

    I’m thinking Ellis is not entirely stupid and must realize that it’s a soft goalie market, and he’s been given an opportunity here. I also like that this gives PG leverage over Carey Price, who has yet to re-up with the club. Will be interesting to see if PG really wants to sign Ellis – and I suspect he does – or is he just using this to strong arm Price into a contract? Affordable goalies will not be a problem for any team in about 36 hours, give or take.

    Should be fun to watch if nothing else. Of course, if this all works out and PG comes out smell like roses, I may have to self-medicate in order to give him props for this – again.

  3. Thanks, Tyg. I really hope these two sign and we get our house in order even more. I’m excited to see the changes along with optimism in the air. The three real issues – the goalie contoversy, Pleks being signed, and Sergei being dealt, are all done now. Again, I’m really excited and although it appears Nashville fans weren’t overly thrilled with Ellis and Boyd, maybe they’ll be great with the Habs.

  4. Danno, it remains to be seen whether Gauthier is brilliant or non-brilliant. But I’m excited.

  5. Hey Dennis, Great deal in my eyes,I think that trading away an unteamatable player is a great move.Sergie had his oppurtunities ,time and time again,he sulked like a ten year old and was babyed along the way.Maybe Andrei will play like he can after all is done with.Keep up with the good trades,Pouliot should be next.

  6. It was definitely time for Sergei to go, Derry. But a couple of years ago I thought he was going to be a beauty. I don’t know what happened.

  7. good comments. I hope this gives the habs leverage too. Sounds like Boyd will sign. Minus one European and add a Canadian. I hope Ellis signs as well. He’s older and likely more mature. I think he can relate better to Price than Halak. I like PG so far. He’s been active and looks like sound moves.

  8. I agree, Mayo. Could be sound moves and a 30 year old goalie can help Price in many ways. I hope they both sign.

  9. I don’t understand the point of trading for Ellis. He’s a UFA and we could sign him in 24 hours. But except for the extra paperwork it doesn’t hurt.
    The important part looks like the teams traded their problems, Sergei for Boyd. On ice about equal, Boyd’s slightly cheaper, while Sergei has more potential and therefore was a bigger disappointment. I think I just heard the Montreal aspirin, Tylenol and Advil vendors groan over their lost sales. Getting a replacement body while clearing the negativity from the locker room is a can’t lose.

  10. Chris, do you feel we did well on this? Do you think Boyd will help more than Sergei did?

  11. I don’t think it’s great, but OK. As was frequently mentioned by the people in Nashville, we got something for nothing. And Kostitsyn at times could be worse than nothing.

    Do you have an idea how the future considerations work?

  12. Chris, I’m sure Ellis became part of it because Montreal didn’t want him to slip away. But you’re right, I think it’s basically Boyd for Sergei.

  13. I’m not sure future considerations are written in stone. Sometimes it’s just that you’re given consideration for a player a team’s trying to move, ahead of other teams. Or instead of a team sending a player to the minors, he could be sent to you instead because you want him and are willing to pick up his salary that his original team didn’t want to do anymore. Or it could be as simple as a gentleman’s agreement in the case of moving a player.

  14. in this case future considerations is merely a late round pick either way. If Sergei doesn’t sign, habs owe a late round and vice versa. If I’m wrong, someone clarify better than I.

  15. We really loved Dan Ellis down here in the southland. He’s got a lot of potential and is excellent with fans. If he signs with Habs, follow him on twitter @dellis39 for some great insight into your team and the league in general. Thanks!

    As for Sergei Kostitsyn… We’re all a bit wary of this kid down here. Hoping the change in scenery and Coach Trotz can straighten him out, but to me he sounds like another T.O.

  16. Adam, thanks a lot for that. Carey Price would really benefit from having someone like Ellis with him. I saw that some Preds fans weren’t big on either Ellis or Boyd but I think you get that with anyone. We’re just glad the main goaltending contoversy is over and that Price and Ellis both sign and settle in to do some good stuff. As for Sergei? He’s got all kinds of potential but it was always one thing or another that kept him in hot water. Good luck with your Preds, Adam.

  17. What just happened? Did Gauthier forget to give Boyd a qualifying offer? He’s not a RFA according to the NHL Official Free Agent List, Although he might be signed and the NHL doesn’t know yet.

    With both Boyd and Ellis as UFAs, the trade is now just a good riddance Sergei deal. If Nashville signs or trades Sergei, Montreal gets a 5th round pick whereas if another team signs Sergei for more than $1M/$1.5M, Nashville gets a 3rd/2nd round pick. I no longer see this being a good deal for Montreal.

  18. Chris, so far today I’m completely confused. Auld, Ellis, Boyd, etc. I don’t know.

  19. I take it back, with Boyd signing with Montreal, it’s back to a good trade. I can’t blame Montreal for being slow with paperwork, but it can be frustrating not knowing what’s going on.

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