Sergei Needs To Find Greener Pastures

If Sergei Kostitysn, with his antics in Hamilton, with first refusing to report and now quitting the team and then coming back, is the reason older brother Andrei Kostitsyn hasn’t decided to play yet and looks like his mind isn’t on the task at hand, then get Sergei the hell out of the organisation pronto. We need Andrei at full throttle. (Whew, that was a mouthful).

18 thoughts on “Sergei Needs To Find Greener Pastures”

  1. Sergei must be watching his position plunge in the depth chart and figure its easier to force a move than actually work harder. Its not like the 4th line (or even 3rd) has excelled and are all guaranteed to stay the year in Montreal.

    Hopefully Gainey can get something for him. I can’t imagine giving him a qualifying offer to stay a RFA.

  2. Sergei’s turned into a real piece of work. I thought he was going to be a gem. Was I ever wrong. He’s just a pain in the ass who made as lot of mistakes on the ice, and now off. Just wondering if all this has made Andrei the lousy player he all-of-a-sudden has become.

  3. Honestly… with Sergei’s talent… he works hard and plays “in the system” with the coach and the others on the team…

    And he’s in hands down.

    He was just getting warmed up in Hamilton.

    We probably won’t be able to get a bag of pucks for him now. Unless he’s packaged with someone else or a pic or something.

  4. Yves – I thought he was going to be an all star when he began his career. And I suppose he still can. But he needs to screw his head on straight.

  5. I agree Dennis… the guy’s got a ton of potential. Skillz.

    If it’s Montreal or somewhere else… he’s still gonna have to play within a team concept.

    Don’t know what the problem is… he was part of a deadly line in the OHL.

    The spot on the roster has been there for him to claim.

  6. Yves – Do you think Latendresse is going to get any better, or is this as good as he’s going to be? Do you think he’s a bit of a weak link?

  7. Honestly Dennis I don’t know.

    His point production has gone from 29 pts to 26 in 3 years…. which is fairly steady… but not a progression.

    His +/- has improved in the 3 years. From -20 to +4 last year.

    If he just got into the goalie’s face a bit more… I’m sure he could pick up some goals….. and if he threw a few more big hits… he’d be lookin’ pretty good.

    Will that happen… I’m less and less optimistic.

  8. The trouble with trading a deadbeat is you get nothing for him and, to add insult to injury, he may even come back to haunt you. Best to do all that is possible to bring him back on track. The key question is what is at the bottom of his problems and can it be remedied or reconciled with the team. But if it’s a lost cause… C’est la vie…

  9. Just to add to the above, a very interesting story about the real reasons why Sergei was sent down to Hamilton. The article is in French however. The gist of it is that following the Habs preseason victory over the Sabres Sept. 26, there was a late night party (after nightclubbing) at Scott Gomez’s place. It appears that Kostityn came to blows with Gomez in a drunken fight. The article argues that all is not lost but that a reconciliation is needed to bring Sergei back. It goes through a list of other bad-boys of hockey and how they seemed to be hopelessly beyond rehabilitation but have come back and offers hope for the SK situation.

    Check it out:

  10. Thanks for that, Danno. Wow. Imagine. If it’s true, Gomez comes to a new team and runs into that.

  11. RDS is commenting about it and appears to believe it. It looks like Gainey has talked to SK and given him a combination ultimatum/olive branch. Play in Hamilton for “a few weeks” and he will either come back to CH or be traded. A few weeks means less than two months according to the commentators.

  12. There are some members of the Montreal media that have disputed that story.

    Tony Marinaro from The Team990 (radio) said he can confirm that there was a party and a disagreement, but not a fight.. and that Sergei was not involved.

    Some suggest that article isn’t quite accurate.
    (Mario Langois article on MSN)

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