Sergei Kostitsyn Needs A Fresh Start Elsewhere

Seems like the dream is over for Sergei Kostitsysn. If it was a dream. Maybe he doesn’t want to be a Montreal Canadien anyway.

Sergei was in the lineup for game two and Benoit Pouliot sat, and there had to be some method to Jacques Martin’s madness. Did Martin think that after being in the doghouse for so long, Sergei would come out and set the world on fire?

Did Martin use Sergei as a pawn, to give Pouliot a night off as a wake up call, to tell Pouliot by this action that he’d better pick it up a notch or he’d be back in civvies?

Did Martin hope that Andrei Kostitsyn would play better with kid brother suiting up again?

Whatever the reason, Sergei didn’t do a thing in game two, although he sat on the bench for most of it. Hell, Pouliot could have sat on the bench too. That’s why I believe it was all a ploy of some sort.

Maybe this kid brother was rusty after not playing in a week or two, Or has he just lost all desire to play for this team and it shows in spades on the ice? He’s got a ton of talent. It was there for all to see when he was a junior with the London Knights (40 goals, 91 assists in his final year there), and he was a more-than-promising young buck in his first couple of seasons with the big club.

But something has happened. Does his life away from the rink leaves something to be desired? Does he have too many undesirable friends, too many ladies who want to check for tattoos all over his body, too much money for an immature kid? And I know some fans have complained that Jacques Martin has used him wrong, kept him on a short leash, which may have completely ruined his spirit. Maybe he’s an overly-sensitive guy.

The fact remains, Sergei Kostitsyn no longer helps this team and most certainly will be dealt as soon as possible. And for me, as sad as it is for the young fellow, it’s even sadder for the team. If he had played better in the regular season, the Canadiens would have ended with more points than Philadelphia and gained home-ice advantage in the playoffs. They only needed one more point. And maybe if he was firing on all cylinders, the Habs might have scored a goal or two by now in this series.

He could have been an important young star of the Montreal Canadiens. Now he’s barely a Montreal Canadien.

8 thoughts on “Sergei Kostitsyn Needs A Fresh Start Elsewhere”

  1. Sergei’s a restricted free agent, so maybe we’ll get lucky and some other team will sign him (thereby netting us a draft pick in the process).

  2. It’s not an even upward progression Dennis – Plekanec had a bad year last year, and one could argue Sergei hasn’t had the same opportunity to rebound. I hope it works out for better rather than for worse…

  3. Right on Dennis. Martin should have sent Sergei out to the backyard to play in the sandbox after his first shift. I’m a nervous wreck right now because I thought for sure that in that last game, the teams switched jerseys. The guys in the dark shirts were forechecking bigtime and racing up and down the ice like speed skaters. That’s the way we’ve been playing in the past two series.
    I just watched the Russia/Canada game and now this country has only one team left to cheer for. We need to keep the Flyers in their own end, get those passes on the tape from the boards to the guy in the slot and put the Habs fear into Leighton. Yeah, he’s good but he hasn’t had near the pressure like the other two did. We may be badly bent at this moment but just like a steel bar, all you need is heat to make it straight. All we’ve got to do is light ‘er up and I’m sure Gomez, Gionta and a few others are heating up right now.

  4. CHeG – you’re probably right that Sergei hasn’t had a lot of chances to rebound, but I see a guy who just isn’t doing much, just doesn’t seem to be giving 100%. Just going throught the motions. I don’t think his heart is in it. I’d love to see him get a chance and make the most of it, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen any time soon.

  5. Mikey D. I think we’re going to win tonight. The Flyers aren’t that good. We’ve just stopped scoring at the worst time, that’s all.

  6. Even though I am cynical at best, I still have hope. We have a good team. Hopefully Sergei doesn’t dress. He’s screwed up mentally, and in spirit. He should have spent more time in Hamilton. Not worried about him. He’s a 200th pick, what more did we expect? Hopefully get a 3rd or 4th rounder at best. O’Byrne is in so that will change the front of the net which is much more important than thinking about SK74. A little sad he didn’t deliver but we have game 3 in 85 minutes.

  7. at the risk of making a general sweeping statement……..belarus boys…….. leafs have a couple too………….. haven’t adjusted to life in free world and $$$$$$$$ where you have to work to be successful……………a bag full of pucks anyone?

  8. Sergei’s my big mistake in these playoffs. He had a resurgence when Moore arrived and I thought they would be our secret weapon against Washington. I expected them to shut down their big guns and score some opportunistic goals. Moore came through, but boy was I wrong about Sergei.

    I expect his rights to be traded this summer for a mid-round draft pick. Can trading start immediately after the cup is won? A qualifying offer for him won’t be that much and he’ll get offer sheets. Problem is the offer sheets may be low enough so that Montreal gets no compensation. If Montreal matches, we’ll be stuck with him for the year.

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