Sept. 15th Works Just Fine

I’m fine with Buttman’s proclamation that Sept 15 is lockout deadline day. Because if it happens, we won’t have to go through a long training camp with about fifty different hopefuls giving it their all until such time when they’re sent back to a lesser league, light years from the bigs. Back to reality for these kids. The dream is once again put on hold for a whole whack of them.

And we also won’t have to go through eight preseason games with many of these fifty hopefuls taking turns suiting up for games, with people like you and me (okay, maybe not me, unless they come to Powell River), shelling out a bunch of money and not recognizing most of them. Tickets for preseason games filled with hopefuls who probably won’t make the team should go for about ten bucks, not a hundred.

I get tired of preseason real quick. All I want to see is the big club, with the one or two new guys who have cracked the lineup, and everyone plays hard together for a few quality weeks as they rev up for the regular season. But no, an army of them has to be weeded through first. Can’t this be done at another time and just let the real team get on with it instead?

Imagine if Montreal did this and nobody else. They’d be out of the gate like Speedy Gonzales. Like they’d just cranked up some of Walter White’s blue crystal meth.

Last year in Canadiens preseason action, they were a really lousy two wins and six losses, and it definitely was a sign of things to come. They sucked way before the real season began, and they sucked for most of the six months after that. And although they pounded Tampa Bay 5-1 in their final exhibition and played a fine game, their preseason record should be buried in a deep hole and covered with cement.

So the lockout officially begins on Sept. 15th, which is great, providing Buttman and Donald Fehr and the gang get everything figured out by early October. That’s three extra weeks to smarten up, and we can still get a full season in without all the preseason weeding-out.

(Question – Who gets the preseason gate and concession money – owners or players, or is it shared? I’m asking because I don’t know).




4 thoughts on “Sept. 15th Works Just Fine”

  1. Can’t sleep.

    Personally, I lost interest in the NHL. I had all summer to ween myself but mostly the whole money talk thing has taken the wind out of my sails. Had this threat happened mid-January for instance, you might find me curled up in a fetus position sucking my thumb, frozen in a ditch. But no, the grass is still green (or gold (dry summer));leaves are still on trees and this helps the withdrawal. I’ll catch up on hockey news here, otherwise you won’t find me sitting in front of the TV anymore, two, three times a week.

  2. I think in the preseason and the playoffs it’s the owners who get all the money. I’m not 100% on that but I know they (the players) don’t get anything during the playoffs unless the club dishes out bonuses.

    I went to a couple of pre-season games and it was entertaining to some degree but it was a real pain in the ass paying big-time prices for it. It’d be nice if everything were half off during those games but good luck ever getting that to fly.

    September 15th is just around the corner. Jeez. At this point we should all be talking about how great we hope the new season is, not wondering if we’ll have a season at all. Good ol’ greed.

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this: Bruins have signed Subban (his brother of course) to a three-year entry level deal.

    How is this for a story:

    I went to visit my dad’s family this past weekend and my uncle told me about two of his friends who are big-time Bruins fans. They’re like us, buying tons of stuff from the team and when they won the Cup these guys went overboard and bought possibly every damn memento they could find (like I will do when we win number 25).

    Then comes draft day and the Bruins pick Subban. The two of them went livid and screamed like hell and both of them (!) have completely denounced the team and have both declared them to be bums and traitors. One guy even said that he wishes nothing but failure on them forevermore!

    So I wonder who they’ll cheer for now.

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