Sens Wanted Cammalleri, But Settled For Kovalev

Interesting story in a recent Ottawa Citizen about Mike Cammalleri, sent here by Christopher Cordahi, one of the guys who will be immediately placed in upper-management by me after I buy the Habs.

Have a look – Sens wanted Cammalleri. One thing’s for sure – we’re happy to have number 13 in Montreal and not Ottawa. And Cammalleri’s happy to be in Montreal too:

“I kind of feel sorry for players who never got a chance to be a
Montreal Canadien,” Cammalleri said ... “It’s an incredible

9 thoughts on “Sens Wanted Cammalleri, But Settled For Kovalev”

  1. I read that article the other day. Glad we got Cammy instead of Kovalev (who I never thought was as good as what others thought). Kovy was a waste of a roster space, and negatively influenced young players (see Kostitsyn, Andrei and Sergei) into believing you took take shifts, periods and games off if you were talented.

    But you could always write articles like these: What would have happened if the Habs got Daniel Briere? What would have happened if the Habs got Jason Arnott? What would have happened if the Habs got Vincent Lecavillier? What would have happened if the Habs got Marian Hossa? Etc. etc. And that’s just the past couple of years.

  2. Dennis, I kind of feel sorry for hockey fans who never get to be a Montreal Canadiens fan. They don’t know what they are missing.

  3. Those guys you mention, Tom, didn’t want to come, unlike Cammalleri. Maybe things will change now. Maybe these guys will see after hearing Cammy that to be a Hab is to be very special.

  4. They never signed here, but Montreal has always been in the running for these guys. The only difference is Cammy signed, and the others went elsewhere.

  5. Cammalleri is slowly becoming my choice for captain next year. He’s good in interviews and would make a good face for the team. And he has the right attitude, even when he got injured.

    Players refusing to sign with Montreal show that they aren’t true stars. They can’t be heroes if no one cares how they performed. Legions of Hab fans live and almost die by their teams performance. Saying you tried your best and want to go home is for peewee leaguers.

  6. Chris – I’ve never understood why a player wouldn’t want to play on the big stage in Montreal. I think they’re missing the boat in a big way, and maybe regretting it after they’re retired.

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