Semi-Live – Period By Period – Habs-Flyers

It’s the end of the first period at the Bell Centre, and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The Habs stunk for most of this frame, looked lost and confused, and provided abolutely no offence whatsoever.

That is, until there was 3 seconds left when Yannick Weber blasted it home from the point with the man-advantage, and the teams go to their dressing rooms tied at one. Surprisingly enough.

Jaromir Jagr, back after three years in the KHL with Omsk Avangard, opened it for the Flyers. Blow a kiss to your own crowd, Yammy. Forget about it at the Bell Centre.

Can this late goal inspire the Canadiens? Can they improve over the lacklustre and dismal display they showed in this period? Who knows. All I know is, after my big pep talk a couple of posts ago, they came out flatter than a pancake. And maybe “flatter than a pancake” is too tame. Maybe I should say they absolutely sucked and don’t deserve to be tied.

Now let’s see what they can do from here on in. Shots on goal in this first period – Flyers 8, Habs 5.

Second Period:

Who are those new guys wearing the Montreal sweater and what did they do with the old guys? It’s a new team out there and it was the Weber goal with 2.6 seconds left in the first that woke them up. Either that or Jacques Martin is the second coming of Knute Rockne.

The Canadiens were all over the Flyers in this period, and how surprising is that? A goal off Andrei Kostitsyn’s foot and suddenly it was 2-1 Montreal. Then Max Pacioretty added another. 3-1 Habs. I like the sound of that.

They’ve awaken from a deep slumber. Erik Cole had a couple of excellent chances and has played really well. Eller had a couple too. Mike Cammalleri and PK Subban came close. Price is looking good. I’ve missed this feeling.

Now they have to keep it going in the third. Stay out of the penalty box. A fourth goal would be sweeter than sweet.

But these crazy Habs still make me nervous. And it’s not over till Mississauga Street Sugar sings the song.

Shots on goal in this second period – Montreal 11, Philly 10.

Third Period coming up. (And what a glorious period it was)

They didn’t let up, or back up, or let it slip away. They continue to skate, storm the net, and fire from all angles. Carey Price finally got his 100th win, he played great on this night, and the gang that couldn’t shoot straight tallied twice more in this final frame and skated away with a HUGE 5-1 win over the Philadelphia Flyers.

Max Pacioretty, with his second of the game, made it 4-1 and allowed us to breath easier. Mike Cammalleri iced it, and it was a happy and relieved team that went to their dressing room and me to the fridge.

Now take this game and build on it. Yannick Weber’s last-second goal in the first may turn out to be one of the most important Habs goals of the year.

So many positives on a night that began so poorly. But they got the late goal, dusted off the cobwebs, gave themselves a kick in the ass, and came out and played the way they can.

I’m very proud of the team tonight. 

Random Notes:

Now it’s Thursday in Boston. The Habs know what they can do now, it’s all about confidence and the sweet smell of success, and I’m expecting more of the same in the unfriendly confines of the Boston barn.

Talk about turning it around. The Habs outshot the Flyers 12-4 in the third, and ended with a 28-22 advantage overall.

And it had started so poorly.

Price Quote:

In talking about Pacioretty playing hurt, Price said it shows he’s got some big nuts.


24 thoughts on “Semi-Live – Period By Period – Habs-Flyers”

  1. It was a very satisfying shellacking over a very despicable and ugly team.

    Forget about those stupid numbers I spouted off about Habs playoff chances.

    If they can keep playing like this they’ll be just fine.

    Tonight I love this crazy bunch of beautiful bastards

  2. Take a deep breath Habs fans.. I put the heart defibulator away for now…

    You had me worried…

  3. Danno, we saw the way they can play. They need to skate miles because they’re a skating team, and they did. They need to create traffic, and they did. And our scorers have to score, and they did. Great and pivotal win.

  4. Leaf Fan, after that first period I was more disappointed and angry than nervous. They were so flat. But that big Weber goal……..

  5. Now THIS is our Habs. That first period was a right stinker and when Jagr scored I though ‘here we go’. Glad to be wrong! If we can keep this play up and play a full game like this then we will do fine. It’ll still be a race but playing like this will help. Carey changing his pads and helmet brought his mojo back. Good.

    Tomorrow night should be a hell of a game. I just hope they keep this play up because if we do, we should win.

  6. I’m assuming responsibility for the slump. The team was upset from my lack of comments and figured that if I could take a few days off, so could they. All will be better if I meet my quota of stupid-ass comments.

  7. Darth, they were as bad as they’ve been all year in that first period. I was ashamed of them. Then something happened!!!

  8. Number 31, I like this feeling much better than the other feeling. Now we need them to do it again. And again.

  9. The Habs are tied with the Bruins with 6 pts for 13th and 14th spot albeit
    Bruins have played one less game….Will this stay the same …NOT

    My Leafs are in 3rd place in the conference …Will this stay the same ..NOT

    Ottawa is one point out of a playoff spot …will this stay the same …NOT

    Its 3 weeks into the season … Its always silly this early in the year ..

    Habs can take the Bruins tonight for sure and be in a playoff slot by Sunday

    morning …..

    God I sound like a Habs fan ( shake my head)

  10. Love your Period by Period, simply a great read.

    Since the beginning they play great and the puck just don’t go in (and some flafla that makes them lose)
    Vs Flyers, those 2nd and 3rd goal were just finally lucky bounces.

    The Flyers just didn’t show up in the 2nd and 3rd period, or maybe the CH were too good?

    We will just need a real 4th line centre. We can’t play 3 lines for the rest of the year. Plek will be good as a sissy by the end of the year.
    Solution: Gomez!

  11. Dennis,

    From tanking for picks to picking up Stanley all in a couple of hours. 😉

    I headed for bed at the end of the 1st (it was 1.30am in Blighty and I had a day of important meetings…well that’s my excuse).

    They hadn’t looked that convincing and I wondered whether Webber’s goal was just postponing the inevitable. But Cole had impressed me.

    Wish I stayed up now and hang the working day.

    They stepped up and Philly didn’t by the sounds of it.

    Just praying they don’t come out flat in Boston as they have a habit of doing after a decent win.

    5 goals. Doesn’t matter how they go in. All good nothing bad.

  12. THAT’S how winners win.

    I’m very pleased by an all around amazing night for the team.

    Never gave up on the puck, kept pressing. Sloppy at times, but they were able to make up for that.

    Pacioretty (Who’s in my Hockey pool!) absolutely killed it. Hard to believe that there was a possibility he would sit out the game to heal an injured wrist, but there he goes played extremely hard and ended up having the night of his career.

    Another person that stood out for me was Subban. He’s just so fun to watch, he’s got the flashiness of a young gun but the instincts of a veteran. Handles the puck like a master and isn’t intimidated by anyone when somebody is pressing him.

    The Habs have got two future All Stars on their team; they might even crack the All Star team this year if they continue going at this pace!

    Price had a pretty easy night only facing 22 shots, but he made key saves that paced the game in favor of the Habs.
    He made that amazing last second save on Claude Giroux and he made a great save when Van Riemsdyk was on the break away.

    Very proud of the boys, if they continue playing at this caliber, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made it very far into the playoffs this year!

  13. Dennis, the Habs will have a lady playing the organ on Saturday night games at the Bell Centre. They have her right now on RDS and she is really good.

    I like it.

  14. Vanhouse, the Habs were just too good for the 2nd and 3rd periods. They finally played the way they should have all along – just keep moving the puck in deep, never quit, shoot, crowd the crease. Really hoping for another big night tonight. And thanks for your feedback about my period by period thing. Because you said that, I’m going to do it again tonight.

  15. Phil, it’s good that you mentioned Subban. He hasn’t had a real banner season yet and we’re expecting so much from the young guy. But heck, it’s only October and I fully expect him to be on the All-Star team this year. And Price was great – I have him in my pool and I get two points when he’s in nets and they win, so I chose him second overall. Go Carey!!!

  16. Danno, I’m just not sure she’ll fit into my plans once I become owner. I plan on singing the anthem as a blues tune and an organ just might not cut it. Can you play the blues with an organ?

  17. Blue Bayou, does this mean you’re seeing games now, or just sometimes? You had mentioned the problems with coverage in the UK and I’m hoping it’s been straightened out.

  18. Dennis, she did already play during last week’s game against the Avalanche. She will be a regular fixture for each remaining Saturday game at the Bell Centre.

    Fans are in for a treat because Diane Bibaud is the original organist who played in the Montreal Forum. And she knows all the old classics.

    From her website:

    Between 1987 and 1992, Diane was official organist for the Montreal Canadian hockey team in the Montreal Forum, then also from 1997 and 2002 official organist for the same team at the Molson (Bell)Center.

    Here is a nice picture of Mme. Bibaud:

    Here’s her web page:

    The only article I could find about this is in French:

    I really hope the sweet sounds of Diane’s organ music will bring back some of the magic of the Forum and maybe inspire the players to become Stanley Cup champions.

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