Sekac Outstanding In Habs Win



It began with an emotional ceremony that saw Guy Lapointe’s number 5 raised to the rafters between his buddies Savard and Robinson.

And the game began like so many others, with the Canadiens not scoring and looking befuddled in the process, relying on Carey Price to keep them in it once again.

But in the second and third they were the team we’ve been craving to see. A team that suddenly found cohesion and speed, with the top three lines dangling and creating chances, and the fourth line punching the clock and sometimes coming close to adding to the festivities, as in Dale Weise ringing one off the crossbar.

And as much as it was a night for Guy Lapointe and a big win that just might boot this group out of the doldrums (I said “might”), it was a coming out party for Jiri Sekac, a healthy scratch for the last seven games, who scored a goal and added an assist and named first star of the night.

If this is what we’re going to see instead of the usual Rene Bourque effort, maybe we could buy Bourque the odd coffee and hot dog as our way of saying thank you for the great games he last played. Last spring.

A big, important, and impressive win on Guy Lapointe night. Imagine if the Canadiens were embarrassed on this special occasion. But they weren’t, and it was a happy night at the Bell for the home team, the hometown fans, and hopefully Mr. Lapointe, who happens to be a scout for the Wild.

The Canadiens got on the scoreboard first, something not often seen, when Gally wired one over the shoulder of Wild goaltender Darcy Kuemper, and after the Wild had evened things up, Lars Eller, with 50 seconds left in the period put the boys ahead again.

In the third, it was Sekac and then Max, and Minnesota was done like dinner.

Two goals in the second, two in the third. A great forty minutes. Now if they can only start scoring in the first. And if they can continue what they started.

Random Notes:

The Sekac, Eller and Prust line combined for 6 points  – Sekac a goal and an assist, Eller a goal and an assist, and Prust, who was outstanding in this game, adding 2 assists.

Other point-getters – Gally and Max with a goal each, and Pleky, Parenteau, and DD with assists.

Next up – Tuesday, when Winnipeg pays a visit.


15 thoughts on “Sekac Outstanding In Habs Win”

  1. Well, I just home late to find this great news. I am almost in tears, thank effing god they won esp. on a night like this! Had they lost tonight the city would have caved in! So glad.. I am re-watching the highlights…

  2. It started out the same old thing, Bill, but they really put it all together later on and it was just great. It’s much for fun for them and us when they look good. Sekac, Eller and Prust were excellent.

  3. Would Big Bird look good as our defensive coach?? The warbled mountain chirper birds would hover over the Bell. Loved Guy’s humility AND strong show of emotion!! Can’t imagine being stone-faced with your # hoisted up to the rafters at The Bell. Good nite to be a Hab supporter!!

  4. Peter, Robinson could have been our defense coach too. I heard him talking on the radio yesterday and he told the story of how he was asked if he was interested and he said he was, but his house in Florida had been flooded and he needed some time to get that under control. But Bergevin wouldn’t wait and hired J.J. Daigneau instead. So that was that. If Bergevin would waited a week maybe, Big Bird would’ve been working with Subban and Beaulieu and Tinordi etc. That ceremony got to me for sure. Just awesome, and now they should think about Toe Blake’s number 6 going up. I don’t know they haven’t done that. He was a great player and coach. Maybe they should put his fedora up there’s?

  5. Strike two Bergeven!!!! Can we imagine —-Big bird the D coach. has the whole defence core over for practice ,only to have #18 and #5 show up for a chit-chat.Practice over guys—on to the video room—flash back to the ’70’s!!!!! Sure watching a few hours of THAT core group would stop the “dump& chase ’em” style Thornbush seems to try. Thanks for the update Dennis. I watched a clip where Blake was in the dressing room giving the lineup details—- ” I don’t want Richard tonite—I WANT THE ROCKET !!!” We can imagine what happened on the ice that nite!!

  6. Not that I wouldn’t have wanted Larry as the D coach but I don’t think it would have worked. Robinson would have been too big a star for Therrien to have under him. I don’t think Therrien would have been secure enough in his own mind to deal with it and of course as soon as the team went into a slump fans and media would be all over replacing Therrien with Robinson. That’s my read anyway.
    Lapointe was one of my favorite players in the seventies. He was so complete as a player he could do it all. A great night for him and for all of us old timer habs fans too!

  7. Love what you said, DJ. “A great night for him and for all of us old timers.” It sure was. My eyes weren’t dry, that’s for sure. It was wonderful that he showed so clearly what it meant to him.

  8. DK, you stole my very words responding to DJ, a star truly humbled by the honour of joining all the former greats. My old eyes watered up too!! It was great to see the team not let the special moment in time be waisted by a p–s poor performance. 🙂

  9. Mike, the boys winning capped off a very special night. You know it’s funny, I don’t recall being emotional at all when Patrick’s number went up, but with Lapointe, and Geoffrion several years ago, it was so much more. That night when Boomer’s number went up was a night to remember. He had died only a few days before and it as gut-wrenching as can be. Last night was so great, and the team came through. Sekac was excellent. As was that entire line.

  10. Seemingly out of nowhere comes something great – Jiri Sekac. What a night for him to earn the game’s first star. Sekac plays with such passion and heart. He makes plays that seem impossible, possible. He’s so smart and creative on the ice and I hope he keeps it up for a long time.

    It’s a sure sign the team played well when Carey Price stops all but one shot and is named (only) the third star.

    No other team does ceremonies with such class as the Montreal Canadiens. I’ll bet you Guy Lapointe wasn’t the only one who got all teary-eyed when his banner went up to join his team mates and members of the Big Three – Larry Robinson and Serge Savard. It was an unforgettable moment – a night to remember. Another magic moment in the storied franchise’s history.

    Fittingly, Jiri Sekac after being awarded the first star, echoed what Guy Lapointe said earlier in the evening – Montreal is the best!

    I couldn’t help wondering during the ceremony if maybe Guy Lapointe told P.K. Subban that one day his number will be hoisted up.

    What a night!

  11. Lapointe played a season for the Houston Apollos. My father, a displaced Yankee in Texas, took me to see the CHL team regularly. The Apollos weren’t too bad and their parent team, in a far off place called Montreal, weren’t too shabby either. I became a Habs fan…

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  12. Mike, that’s an awesome story. I truly mean that. To see minor league CHL hockey, or WHL or IHL or any of the other old and great pro leagues is seeing hockey it’s truest form. Close up in the stands, hard hitting on the ice. I loved to hear that you did that.

  13. Danno, after the complaints far and wide that Sekac should be playing but wasn’t, that Therrien was making a mistake, Sekac finally got on the ice after seven games off and played a wonderful game. It’s heartwarming. A personal story that makes certain sports stories so intriguing and memorable. Sekac and his linemates inspired us and their teammates, all on Guy Lapointe night. So beautiful.

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