7 thoughts on “Seized-Up Habs Pop Guns”

  1. I fell sorry for Claude Julien.
    It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you Dennis – and to Lucy and Lyla – and to everyone who drops by here.

  2. No soaring like an eagle at all, Danno. More like an imitation of the Hindenburg. Mediocre defence and no scoring. And Galchenyuk has done nothing that I’ve seen.

  3. And Moey, it’s Chicago and the Leafs next. Tough times. Bergevin, in the years he’s been here, has done nothing to make this team a contender.

  4. Well it was a 2-2 game really. I mean Toronto’s biased review of our 2 goals says it all. I’m happy though. Packers won a thriller and my belly is full of turkey. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

  5. Hi Dennis…I’ve checked in a few times over the past months and didn’t see much on your site so took some time off. Looks like the season is going to be a challenge for the once Glorious Habs again. They seem to regressing rather than improving but it is still early. I think we can at least rule out the coach as a problem. Julien is an experienced coach who seems less likely to turn the team against him. Although in saying that I still would like to see the organization hire the best candidate for all positions instead of decreasing the talent pool by French only. I also would like to see fans stop blaming the refs and others not on the ice for the teams lack of success. HIO is absolutely crazy today and last night it was taken over by crazies. Sports is not the positive spectacle it once was. Look forward to your comments on the games Dennis.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  6. Well DK we discussed our team during the off season and I felt MB had lost his marbles. He totally decimated our defence, gave Nate away lost Emelin & traded the next Markov let the real Markov walk flubbed the resign of Radu. It’s no wonder we’ve seen how the first 3 games have played out! NOT looking good.

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