Seems Like More Than Enough To Me

Because I lost several billion brain cells during the 1960’s, I can’t figure this one out but maybe you can help.

The Canadiens have said goodbye to Glen Metropolit, Dominic Moore, Paul Mara, and Marc-Andre Bergeron because there’s only so much cap space left, which is 5.6 million. Gauthier is now working on trying to get Carey Price and Maxim Lapierre signed.

But isn’t 5.6 million more than enough to sign these two, plus maybe one other, like Moore? Or am I not getting it because of the aforementioned loss of brain cells? Price made $850,000 last year and Lapierre $800,000, so even a huge raise for both should still keep things well under the cap.

Obviously I’m missing something and I’m hoping someone can explain it to me in simple terms.

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  1. Yeah I had to have this explained to me too Dennis – by the kind and patient George Prax from The Checking Line. If Eller makes the team, for instance, he’ll get the entry level contract, but there’s also bonuses in play which could potentially top him up to the 1.2 mil neighborhood. And maybe he’d not the only kid who makes it to the big team, despite my belief that the rest belong in Hamilton. I’m not the one deciding the roster. Hey, isn’t that your job yet?

    BTW – golf coach suits me fine. I get to wear little short skirts and bend over in front of the hockey players while you get friendly with their wives. 😉

  2. Seems like King Carey’s in for a hefty sum of money so they don’t want to tie it up in anyone else yet. If he can get something worked out, maybe we can get another cheap player to help us out?

  3. Hey Dennis, They will miss Mr. Metropolit for sure ,he was a spark plug when there was no gas.I wonder about some of these deals that are being made.I just hope all works out in the end.

  4. The team would like to manage cap space I imagine. With Price and Lapierre signed, they will still be activating a forward from the Hamilton organization which will introduce between 500-875K on the cap as the 13th forward. If the team is right against the cap when a non-IR injury happens, that salary will be on the cap and the team can’t activate a replacement because of cap issues, Calgary got caught with this in 2008-09 and had to dress 15 players for a stretch of games.

    As it stands, MTL is probably looking to have at least 1 million in cap space to start the year and would like wiggle room with multiple RFAs, including Josh Gorges and a likely contract extension for Andrei Markov.

  5. Your math is correct except that it looks like you need another forward, as someone already pointed out. Still, that’s manageable with the cap room you have.

    The only thing I would point out is that the $5MM+ in cap space plus the $5.94MM everyone is allowed to go over during the summer, is more than enough to sign Kovalchuk. If you’re willing to do the Lamoriello plan and dump salary after the fact to get under the upper limit by the time the season starts.

    Not saying MTL has any interest in Kovalchuk. I have no idea. I just noticed that MTL’s cap situation is similar to NJD.

  6. Posted this on your other blog too.

    They traded down from #16 in 2006 to draft Fischer at #20 now they will get a #50 in 2011 who might play in 2015 and these bozos Gainey, Gauthier and Timmins still have their jobs?

    Everything works together and huge part of your cap picture is the players you draft and develop and have on entry level contracts but Gainey and Gauthier have been terrible in drafting. Plus the pair traded away so many first 2 round picks. The two previous years they traded a #1 and a #2 for Tanguay, a #2 for Schneider and a #2 for Lang – 4 high picks for 3 players who only played months for the Habs then were gone. This year the same and gave up a #2 for Moore isn’t resigned. Plus traded up in the 1st round by giving away this year’s #2.

    These two GMs also traded away #1 Higgins, #1 Komisarek, #2 Ribeiro, #1 Hainsey on a blunder by not knowing they had no more protection for him and lost him as he was claimed by Columbus, #3 Beauchemin left unprotected and was lost – all of them drafted by the previous regime.

    Of their own drafting since 2003 the two GMs traded away #2 Latendresse, will lose #1 Fischer who they never signed and traded away #1 Ryan McDonagh(12th overall).

    Trading away the team MVP for an American League player so you can continue with your 5 year obsession that Price was a great pick of yours at #5 in 2005 is sheer lunacy.

  7. Quisp, thanks for that. Unless Pierre Gauthier is ready to shock Habs fans like they’ve never been shocked before, Kovalchuk isn’t coming to Montreal any time soon. I’m just wondering why they have to let Dominic Moore go as they seem to have enough. Unless, that is, they’re expecting Price to ask more than they thought, which is possible considering they didn’t sign him before letting Halak go.

  8. Well I’m surprised they didn’t sign one or both as they played great for the Canadiens. I’m sure that Metropolit, and Moore would have help the team and with 5.6 million they should think this one through more carefully. Dominic was a great face off man and Glen was a spark plug for the team, and during the play-off run was a great help. So I’ll never be sure why this is happening and hope it doesn’t come back to bite them.

  9. .: I have given up trying to understand Pierre Gauthier’s logic. Players like Glen Metropolit and Dominic Moore were perfect fits for the Habs – gutsy, talented players who brought it every night. Mara and Bergeron, no big losses. But letting Metro and Moore go, blaming it on salary cap issues, just stinks.

    I do not understand why they continue to have any faith in Maxim Lapierre. He hasn’t progressed measurably in years. Is it because he’s one of the few French-Canadiens on the team?

    Looks like another long, dark season ahead.

  10. Charles, I’m surprised too. Moore was excellent, I thought, and Metro’s the kind of character guy a team needs. These aren’t big dollar guys and I’m confused to why they’re on their way out. There’s been some questions about Gauthier lately.

  11. Hi Randy, thanks. I’m with you – I’m not understanding Gauthier on this either. And Lapierre like you say, hasn’t progressed measurable. The other thing is, why didn’t they have Price’s name on a contract before they traded Halak? This one could become complicated.

  12. I don’t get it either . I would keep Moore cause the energy he was bringing every night . But I heard that Metropolit was not happy with how he was treated last season .I’m not a GM but try to sign a guy who is not happy , that for sure cost more than what you think . Lapierre is still there for sure because he is the only french dude of the team . I’m from Quebec and I would let him go if we could sign someone like Frolov instead !!!

  13. Dastourifk, thanks. We need more scoring punch and Lapierre doens’t fit the bill. I’m witht you – Frolov would help. It’s just too bad about Lapierre because on those rare nights when he shines, he’s a huge force. But he’s too quiet on too many nights.

  14. Was IT Moore who “priced himsel out” or Gauthier/Gainey who obviosly had the money to sign Darche for $500,000 in June, a career minor leager and raise Pouliot another half a million for scoring one goal in his last 26 games and shutout in the playoffs Moore played so well in? Money that could have been used towards Moore. Got themselves in this cap position because they don’t have a clue. And the insanity of trading a goalie on top of it the wrong one, BEFORE signing the other proves these 2 are about as stupid as any GM in this league. I only hope someone puts in an offer for Price who now holds all the cards. And don’t think Price and his family didn’t see what Halak got and by what Gainey and Gauthier said by their actions that Price had a better future in front of him than Halak did – ie he will NOT be signing cheap. AND this bonehead move has tied the Habs hands to sign anyone but the bottom feeder players in the league. And worse Gauthier said he sees no problem signing Price before CAMP STARTS! That means all summer they won’t even know how much money they can spend all summer as well on other players. If an offer comes in for Price – that is all it will take AND Molson will fire the entire regime from 2003. He already started by firing Boivin(with a year’s notice) which is what he did, Boivin who brought in this 2 time failure CO-GM Gauthier who he used to go to school with.

  15. @Bill – am in complete agreement with your analysis. I’d take Moore over Darche or Pouliot (or Lapierre) on any night in a heartbeat. Metropolit as well, as far as that goes.

  16. He must be a pain in the ass in the locker room. Nothing else makes sense other than Gauthier ‘s an idiot.

  17. releasing moore and metro is a very reasonable move in my books. moore would probably seek for, at least, two or three year deal, worth between 1.5 and 2m per season, and we have a ton of young (and cheap) guys that have a potential to take his spot now and couple of years from now: eller, laps, boyd, white, pyatt, trotter, desharnais, maxwell, engqvist, nattinen, leblanc, dumont etc… someone will pan out, thats for sure. i couldn’t be happier by seeing that gauthier does’t repeat same old gainey’s mistakes who was constatly overpaaing a bottom line players (smolinski, laraque, moen, begin, bouillon, dandenault etc.).

  18. Fair enough, Billy. I agree with you mostly except I’m tired of waiting to see how potential players pan out. And Moore proved to be an important player later in the season. In fact, he was much more effectove than Pouliot for example, who just signed for 1.5 million.

  19. Dennis, I’m in agreement again here. Like you, I am bone dead tired of waiting for the younger, so-called cheaper guys to develop, based on their “potential”. We waited for Max Pacioretty and Matt D’Agostini to do this, and it never happened. We’ve watched White, Pyatt. Deharnais. Maxwell, etc., and not much has evolved there. Why the Canadiens’ brass continue to have faith in Maxim Lapierre remains one of the mysteries of the decade so far.

    I do not believe that paying decent salaries to Moore and/or Metropolit would have been considered overpaying bottom line players, for the simple reason that neither ARE bottom line players. As I’ve said before, both Moore and Metropolit brought it to every game they played, and there was chemistry on the ice with these guys. Moore and Metro gave the Habs some guts, character, and savvy, which the younger players have not been able to do. How many more years do we wait for this to happen?

    Regarding Moore: “On February 11, 2010, Moore was traded to the Montreal Canadiens for a 2nd round draft pick in 2011.” So now PG lets him go for nothing. So we waste another draft pick. To me, this is not a reasonable move, it is a thoughtless move.

    Until proven otherwise, as fans we can do nothing but wait. For now, I am seeing very little that suggests to me that Pierre Gauthier is making smart moves. Time will tell, and I’ll be the first in line to admit I was wrong if his moves turn out to be good ones.

  20. I’ll be in line with you Randy, if his moves turn out well, but we’re seeing some really questionable things happening with Gauthier’s decisions and it’s quite disturbing. I guess only time will tell. I wonder what other GM’s think of Gauthier.

  21. all you nned to know about gainey,gauthier is price 5th overall and halak for eller and schultz although i will say i watched schultz in the whl a real tough kid not phoney tough like chicken geo eather he will drop em witth anyone

  22. And, Hal, not having Price signed. And overpaying Pouliot. And maybe offering Dan Ellis an extra 500,000 and got him signed instead of Auld.

  23. Carey Price since January 1, 2008 to end of 2009 season

    Jan 1- Apr 11, 2009 — 30 games 7 wins 23 losses 0 shutouts

    2009-2010 — 41 games 13 wins 25 losses 0 shutouts

    Total 71 games 20 wins 48 losses 0 shutouts

    Brilliant move by the pair!

    Since January 1, 2008 to now


  24. They were all good signings, they did their part to contribute to the team last year. To varying degrees I’m sad to see them go, but for most their time has come. Mara would be #8 D, Bergeron too much of PP specialist, Metro peaked and won’t repeat his goals with minimal PP time. Moore’s my problem, he’s still in his prime, he works hard, he’s reliable defensively, chips in offensively and is above average on face-offs.
    Are their salary expectations public? Statistically the last three had very good career years and could be anticipating big raises. I’m hoping that after Price signs there will still some room and hopefully Moore will still be available and have dropped his demands.

  25. Bill, are you not capable at all of saying anything happy or positive? Your hatred of management is obsessive. I don’t want this site to have this dark cloud hanging over it and you know I’m capable of being judge and jury here. Comments are a beautiful thing, there’s lots of regulars here, and everyone has their serious debates and opinions and its welcomed. But none of these people are constantly writing such doom and gloom as you write. They also provide light-hearted moments which make all of us smile. I just want to serve notice, Bill, that it has to change a little with you. Please. This is a friendly site and it’s the way it’s going to stay. Thanks.

  26. In the end, I think the most puzzling moves have been:

    1) trading Halak before having signed Price
    2) signing and keeping Darche and Pouliot, while:
    3) releasing Moore and Metropolit.
    4) trading for Ellis and having Ellis leave in 48 hours

    Darche and Pouliot are both French-Canadien, and I have to wonder if that had something to do with keeping them. Regardless, I believe Moore, at least, clearly demonstrated from the time he was acquired that he was able to contribute solidly to the Habs’ offense, and as pointed out by others, was a good faceoff man as well.

    The unknowns, of course, are the players who have been acquired in the trades. So for now, despite lack of confidence in Habs mgmt, I have to give them the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

  27. Thanks, Randy. A nice, non-negative and clear idea of what has transpired. Much appreciated. And your four points I agree with completely.

  28. randy:
    1). i don’t see any connection between timing of halak’s trade and carey’s contract negotiations. price is a rfa without arbitration rights, so he can’t blackmail gauthier. there are still some decent ufa goalies that could replace price if he is going to ask too much. plus, i can’t see any team throwing an offer sheet to him, with so many ufa goalies but with some more atractive rfas as well (ryan, e.johnson, setoguchi, hanzal, m.staal).

    2). pouliot has a great upside and he is worth of that gamble, imo, while darche is signed for a league minimum and that’s the main reason why he stays. i don’t think there is a french canadian conspiracy: bregeron will be gone, latendresse was traded, laraque was bought out, and boulion, brisbois, dandenault were not resigned last year.

    3). i wouldn’t mind seeing moore back, but i don’t shed tears because he is gone. yes, he was a great pick up at time, but with his history of contract demands i’m not sure whether some reasonable could be done. besides, we have a ton of prospects in the middle and you can’t expect they could pan out if you don’t give them a chance. dustin boyd is younger, at least 1m cheaper, more physical, and had only four points less than moore.

    4). ellis was a questionable move from my pow, 0.5m isn’t significant amount between him and auld, but it might turn as a good move, because equipment fot smaller goalies is going to be reduced.

  29. 1) trading Halak before having signed Price
    2) signing and keeping Darche and Pouliot, while:
    3) releasing Moore and Metropolit.
    4) trading for Ellis and having Ellis leave in 48 hours


    Thanks, Randy. A nice, non-negative and clear idea of what has transpired. Much appreciated. And your four points I agree with completely.


    not capable at all of saying anything happy or positive?



  30. @billy_piton

    there are still some decent ufa goalies that could replace price if he is going to ask too much.


    those “decent” ufa goalies cost more than the cap space gainey, brisbois and gauthier have available due to their previous moves.

  31. Bill, I’m completely fine with critical and negative stats. Just not a continuous onslaught of them. You’re on a mission with management and you can’t post anything except harsh criticism of the regime. It’s become the same old song and dance everytime with you. You’re not capable of saying anything else except what a lousy job management is doing.

  32. @billy_piton: thanks for your comments. I stand by what I wrote, especially regarding Moore. I think there are some untangibles at all times that need to be considered, and Moore proved his worth beyond a doubt. He stepped up in the playoffs, and from when he was obtained for that matter. Pouliot seemed to be jonesing for the links in the playoffs, and he was the Invisible Man. If he has an upside, and I agree he must have, he parked it for the last few dozen games through to elimination.

    The other thing is that Gauthier picked up a solid player in Moore for a 2nd round draft pick in 2011, so we are now w/o that draft pick and the player for whom that draft pick was traded.

    I realize signing Darche was done for the league minimum, but can’t accept that as a reason for keeping him.

    Your point regarding the French-Canadien players is correct and I thank you for reminding me about those who have left or been let go.

    The argument that we have a ton of prospects is fair, but as noted earlier, I’ve grown weary of waiting for one of them to emerge. None has so far, with the possible exception of PK Subban, who looked like he fit in from the get go. Regarding Boyd, while he may have scored 4 fewer points that Moore, there is no guarantee that will carry over with the Habs. Look at Latendresse with Minnesota. Clearly his lacklustre play in Montreal didn’t continue with the Wild. Boyd may blossom in Montreal, but he could also tank. Gauthier knew that Moore fit in, and fit in well.

    Anyway, I’ve said all I can about this, and appreciate the opportunity to discuss with other knowledgeable and interested fans. Needless to say, I’m already looking forward to 2010-2011 with much anticipation.

  33. Further to Billy_Piton: It’s about that evasive upside to Benoit Pouliot. After a great junior career, he came to Minnesota where he scored a total of 9 goals and 9 assists in 65 games. Then he was sent to Montreal where he enjoyed a fine several months, then went to sleep when the team needed him – in the race to make the playoffs, and especially in the playoffs themselves. Where is the upside?

  34. at the age of 23 pouliot is still young player. it is common for those big guys to mature bit later because they need to fill their frame. he is a great skater, has nice shot (scored 17 goals after all) and i think he deserves another chance. he didn’t show in the playoffs? yeah, but it doesn’t mean much. calgary got rid of cammalleri cos he had only 3 point in six playoff games last year. we all know how that turned out.

  35. Pouliot was the pick before Price! Just wondering if in that lottery Habs had lucked up to the #4 instead of lucking up(and it was) to the #5 if they would have taken Pouliot who was the 4th higest rated player besises being a francophone? He was a complete flop in all his time in Minnesota yet Gauthier/Gainey still thought that if Price an outstanding thorobred was the 5th best and they could now get the 4th best of that year that they may have even wanted then, so trade Latendresse a guy who would take their orders or play his best with their systems. And you saw how much Gainey and Martin had lowered Latendresse’s playing ability. So it is no surprise after 1 goal in 26 games, a disappearance in the playoffs they raise him – they are never wrong. Just like for Price who is 20 and 48 since jan. 1, 2009.

    As for Darche, he could have been signed in September after you have the roster filled out NOT in June.

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