Seeing Lester

Answer to yesterday’s quiz.

I thought you might never get this in a million years, but Marjo nailed it. It’s Lester B. Pearson, and the scribblimg either says Pearson or PM, it’s hard to know. Way to go Marjo.

For those of you who haven’t heard of this fellow, he was the Canadian PM from 1963 to ’68, he won the Nobel Prize, is responsible for our current flag, and has a long list of buildings and schools named in his honour, including Pearson International Airport in Toronto.  And the NHL had a trophy named after him (since renamed the Ted Lindsay Award), for the player voted best in the league by his peers.

I got it when I was a kid and happened to be at the Orillia arena for a Liberal Party rally, of all things. I guess security wasn’t much of an issue at the time, considering a 12 year old boy could walk right up to the leader of the country.

It wasn’t like I was there to learn about politics. I just must have been bored one night and decided to go the arena. The only things I knew then were hockey, baseball, bubblegum cards, and that the girls in my school were getting bigger chests.

I also saw a Tommy Hunter concert there once, and lots of wrestling matches, all around the same time. Seeing Don Messer’s Jubilee at the old barn seems to ring a bell too.

Mr. Pearson passed away in December of 1972, and hopefully he was able to comfortably enjoy the Canada-Russia Summit Series, held a couple of months prior to his passing.

10 thoughts on “Seeing Lester”

  1. Congratulations Marjo!

    I was kind of wondering how Lester B Pearson could have PM as his autograph but then I remembered how his friends used to call him Mike. So I guess it would be Mike Pearson = MP then flipped around to make PM.

  2. I won! I won! I won! and I get no prize…:(

    To me, the scribbled looked like a bad attempt to sign his last name.

  3. Way to go, Marjo. For years I thought he’d signed PM but I came to realize it could be Pearson. Anyway, congrats! And you do get a prize. You get to be part of my upper-management team when I own the team.

  4. C’mon guys, it wasn’t that hard! Most people willonly sign their last name (especially with a name like Lester).

  5. Dennis

    I did sign a book of condolences for Lester Pearson at Queens Park in Toronto in January 1973.My signature in those days was legible.Not so much now!


  6. Dennis

    Further comments … Ted Lindsay.Another blog’s mentioning the Kamloops Chiefs winning the 1962-1963 Coy Cup(over the Powell River Regals in the final) and your mention of Ted Lindsay got me to thinking of autographs.You are an autograph person.I am not but I do get the odd autograph.Johnny Bower(at Queens Park Arena),Gordie Howe(at Ladner Arena),Bill Mazeroski(at The Kingdome),Willie Fleming and other BC Lions(at 1994 Grey Cup/BC Place),Ted Lindsay(at Sarnia Arena) and … Fred Gaber of the Kamloops Chiefs(at old Powell River Civic Arena).Fred Gaber was a member of the Medicine Hat Tigers in old Jr Super League of the 1950s.He then played many years for the Kamloops Chiefs(Sr A and Intermediate).An excellent player.

    Googling got me to James Vantour’s book on The Super League.I just ordered the book direct from James.It should be interesting.From what I can gather The Super League was formed to compete with the OHL.It did not last but the WHL was formed about 10 years after the demise of The Super League.



  7. Doug, if you’re living in Powell River now, please say hello if we cross paths. Because I don’t know if I know you or not.

  8. Doug, the book sounds interesting. I’m going to look for it myself.
    I’m not really an autograph person. I could care less about getting an autogrpah from a modern day player. But I admit, if a Howie Morenz signature, or Babe Ruth’s etc came around, I’d dearly love it. The Beatles too. I love having Rocket signature’s, and Toe Blake, and Doug Harvey, and Beliveau and others, so in general, the autographs I’m interested in go back a ways.

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