Second Round Coming Up!

At a loss for words here but I’ll give it the old college try.

Max, with 43 seconds left, sends our Montreal Canadiens into the second round and I’m numb and left exhausted. And it’s only the first round.

A sweep over the pesky Tampa Bay Lightning. Two periods of perfect hockey where the team would take a nice 3-1 lead, then a slight letdown in the third and the Lightning would tie it.

But Max, who couldn’t buy a goal for the past week or two, shoved it under Latvian goalie Kristers Gudlevskis for the winner and all’s well in Habsland.

What a sport hockey is. Especially when the good guys give us an incredibly serious bang for the buck so to speak.

The agony and the ecstasy.

Moving on to round two.

A team playing with passion and drive.

Rene Bourque coming alive and again a supreme force. He never lived up to expectations after coming over in the Cammalleri trade. Until now. And in a big way.

Lars Eller, criticized frequently this season, especially on talk radio, coming through again and being the smooth and effective forward we’d only seen glimpses of this season.

Daniel Briere proving he’s a big time money player.

Everyone contributing, all the way down the line, with tonight’s goals from Briere, Eller, Gally, and then Max, which is a goal from each of the four lines.

And although the Vanek, DD, Max line was on the quiet side, Vanek would assist (along with P.K.) on Max’s winner. So the points from the line came anyway.

Imagine how proud papa Ray Pacioretty, sitting in the stands, must be.

The team was unreal in the first and second period, creating rush after rush, skating like the wind, checking Tampa to a standstill, clearing the net, making the right passes, doing all the right things.

I watched them play like that and I saw a real team. A team that takes a back seat to no one.

Now it’s a week’s wait. That’s fine. It’s going to take me that long to recuperate.

Random Notes:

Canadiens outshot the Bolts 37-23.





13 thoughts on “Second Round Coming Up!”

  1. Must they always do it the stressful way? OMG what a game. We so deserve this feeling. And I loved Michel terrines comments about ruins or Detroit better come prepared. I’m not too worried about the ruins because our team is scarey good. The teamwork looked amazing. There was even a positive comment by a commentator about the incredible teamwork. Tampa looked horrible in the first two periods not because they were, but because the Habs were that strong.

    Hello Peter Hab! I had a burr earlier today but that was just before the game and I was listening to pre game hype. I thought pj stock was going to orgasm when he started talking about a Tampa comeback. The best way to deal with opposing fans is to ignore them. I live in a community that is pro-Canucks with a excrement spattering of leaf, Philly and bruin fans. There r some pretty depressed people here as u can imagine. I loved fill kessel’s tweet about fishing. Such an innocent comment that made today thee best in a long time.

    Our cbc ‘Canadian’ commentators should be ashamed. Why do we not have real Canadian commentators? U listen to the USA commentators and it’s disgusting. I just want one game by Danny Gallivan. Yet I have pj stock. What a joke.

  2. IN the paramaters of my hockey world—–HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mayo–THANK YOU for my attitude adjustment last nite. I was pretty wimpy at 3-2 , let alone 3-3. Yes on CBC, I watched, I can’t turn the volume down because the rowdy Bell crowd makes me shed a tear each nite at least once!! I tried for a few minutes but had enough of the cat in the litter box, so back to The Bell!!! Screw the “outsiders”–[in the hockey world]–OUR BOYS ARE HERE!!! Dennis, I hope you got some sleep last nite cause your city must be bedlam. Oh for a sweep of the goon squad next series to stop the USA crap of roller derby on ice— like we did to the Flyers in the 70’s.. Sorry I’d better simmer a bit and read YOUR article before I go to work. HAPPY WINNERS DAY FOLKS !!!!!

  3. I had an ominous feeling during the game, particularly after the first period when Montreal absolutely dominated and yet still led only 2-0. And then Gudlevskis came on and happily resumed his role of stoning Canadiens (or Canadian!) shooters. Then, I thought that Montreal sat back a bit at the end of the second period, and that it did so even more during the third period, when Tampa tied the game up. Thankfully, MaxPac and the power play picked a great time to get off the schneid.

    Interesting statistic from the series: The Lightning’s last lead in the series was 2-1, in the second period of Game One. It never led again in any game.

    One other side note: Jon Cooper, the Lightning coach, is/was a class act. He was very gracious during the post-game press conference, singing the praises of the Habs while at the same time complimenting his own team. No bellyaching, no whining about the zebras, no complaints about anything, really. In other words, he was completely unlike the CBC. His only comments post-game about the series were that the breaks didn’t go their way (which is true), and the first thing that he mentioned was Stamkos breaking his stick when he had that great scoring opportunity in the second (or was it the third?) period.

  4. Did you hear the latest? Paquette, being a French-Canadian planned his penalty in the last two minutes because he really wanted Montreal to win…

    McLean May as well have said that…

    The CBC and McLean: this is becoming very, very ugly. I could only imagine the outrage if a similar prejudice remark were made by RDS (which of course would never happen because they are PROFESSIONAL!!!). The latest debacle truly exposes the divide in our country and this is very sad. McLean, if you ever visit this site and read the comments know that what you accused Charron of doing, you do night after night with no remorse. Your dislike for anything from Quebec is obvious and you have the nerve to say what you said. Let’s not make this political. Keep it hockey. And Tampa Bay (and particularly Mr. Jones), you might want to educate your fans who were chanting USA, USA, and waving the American flag at their last home game that this is not the Olympics.

  5. Following Ron Maclean’s “logic”, should referees from southern Ontario be barred from reffing Leafs games? Should refs from Alberta be banned from overseeing any Oilers or Flames games? Where does the line get drawn? Essentially, what Ron Maclean was doing was to call into question the integrity of these refs. Why is it that only French Canadian referees are suspected of skewing games in favour of their (supposed) chosen team, but no other group is tarred with the same brush? I don’t see myself as a grievance-monger, but this whole situation is more than a little bit tiresome……………

  6. MacLean and that almost the entire crew’s time has come. I’ll be so happy if I never the see the faces of most of them again.

  7. McLean’s apology doesn’t make it better. His words were said and heard. They are damaging and worsen help worsen the bad blood. The best way to deal with that is to fire him. Sadly, the crew doing the firing probably hold the same sentiment. But you know what? We have the last laugh because WE won. And I know there are thousands of Habs fans scattered across this planet, yes planet, who are smiling today!

  8. For sure, Marjo. McLean also sounded less than enthusiastic when talking about the Habs in general too.

  9. A fantastic sweep. Surely the spirit of tough back n’forth won out last night and in true play off style had everyone on the edge. Shocking and for a momentary doubt, but I knew they’d clip that last one and let’s say they hadn’t . Well, ot wld. have done the ‘colts’ (that’s what they are) in. Here we come Detroit or Boston Pruins! hahah As for that bunch of twofaced overpaid whiners at ‘hnic’ Maclean’s lucky the fans didnt hear and the Habs won or the comment might have precipitated a big riot. That kind of dumbarse remark is just not kosher. It’s the sort of thing that shld. be fined in the same way that players get suspended etc. I’m not suggesting it wld have been good to for anyone to go berserk even had thousands and thousands of people heard it. But just the same they’re assholes. Better off not to listen or watch it or listen to it with the radio or the net.. Late last night I listened on the web to the Sharks announcer and what a difference no mamby pamby overpaid cbc drivel, just good exciting description of plays with a comment from to time. There was a time most of remember when announcers had class , style, ethics and respect for the fans, players, coaches and the game. Alas for HNIC them days it would seem are gone. Why? Off the top and being cynical I’d day it’s the money. Or maybe there’s some deeper underlying cause of envy! hahahha; envy is what someone feels in place of admiration! so there that must be it, & behind that it’s what? anyhow. Montreal won! O and one last thing, I think its Tony I can’t spell his last name, Tony Marenaro? anyhow he said this morning. We were better in each & every way. ANd he lists justexactly how; Stamkos is the only one he credits being better … and even that’s qualified. So it goes, eh. Someone has t win. I like Pat Hickey’s comments from the Gazette, sound, well thought and always judicious . Now on to your today’s post!

  10. PS couple of typos etc: __ Surely the spirit of tough hockey back n’forth last night had everyone on the edge. Shocking near the end (that flukey off Subby) but I knew Habs’d clip one in! Max at last! and if they hadn’t ? In OT the Habs have done the ‘colts’ (that’s what they are) in. And did you notice how cool Gallagher is after he scored? Like what’s up I did it! great player.

  11. I think one way to hold these commentator idiots accountable is to play their stupidity over the jumbo-tron at the Bell Centre. And let the fans at them while they are speaking to the cameras right next to the fans. I’m sure they would be open to a beer can over the head. I don’t condone that type of thing but they idiots deserve it.

  12. They just can’t lose their momentum, William. They have to have fast, upbeat practices and stay sharp. But these guys are all pros and they know all that so I don’t even know why I mentioned it. Just want the guys to take a serious run at things. It’s been awhile.

  13. William, Gallagher is amazing. One of the hardest working, gutsiest, effective players I’ve ever seen. Imagine if he was slightly bigger. With all that heart, he’d be unstoppable.

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