Second Fiddle

From time to time Danno asks how Jack Schitt is doing, which I appreciate very much. It just seems that Gaston gets all the attention and no one except Danno cares about Jack Schitt, who stays in the background while Gaston is out front hitting on women and cats. So Danno, thanks for caring.

Friggin Gaston.


2 thoughts on “Second Fiddle”

  1. Dennis, what we need is another video starring Jack Schitt and Gaston.

    That’s because everybody knows Gaston is an asshole but most people don’t know Jack Schitt.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jack Schitt before.

    I’ve seen Fulla Schitt and Dumm Schitt though. Oddly, they’re the same guy. They’re also known as something called “Bettman”. Whatever that is.

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