Sean’s Fine Piece

This story –  Canadiens Extend Series, is written by my friend Sean Farrell, who, when he’s not covering the Habs for and, works at Classic Auctions near Montreal, where I also worked before moving back to the West Coast.

Sean and I did the exact same job – we wrote descriptions of rare and unique hockey items for the auction catalogues.

During our big company hockey game a couple of winters ago, Sean tended goal and I was a smallish-yet-shifty forward on the team that won the game and in doing so, we got a day off with pay. It was a beautiful moment.

Sean also spent a season a few years back covering the Ottawa Senators for, but is back where he belongs, taking care of Habs business.


4 thoughts on “Sean’s Fine Piece”

  1. Bravo to Sean Farrel!

    This was a great comment:

    “I was getting sick of hearing, ‘Ding, ding, ding,'” Canadiens coach Michel Therrien said.

    Therrien spoke about how the Habs now have the momentum and how they need to keep going in the same direction.

    Did you know Therrien is driving the Habs bus? Let’s call it the Momentum Express…

  2. He mentioned that Angela Price was anxious in the stands, he should have added that she needed some comforting from the stick-boy in waiting.

  3. He’s a great writer like you Dennis. I can see why the Auction House hired you guys! They must miss your absence.

  4. Thanks Marjo. It was a great experience at Classic and I’m very proud that I worked there.

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