Scott’s In The News

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you think of something and soon after it comes up in some way.

It’s otherworldly. Who can explain it?

Like just the other day, I was thinking about how Scott Gomez used to give me so much to babble on about but he went away, and that was it for The Ballad of Scott Gomez. Not more than a couple of days ago I was thinking about this.

Now suddenly, as otherworldly as it may be, here he is again, like a long lost relative! Like Ilsa showing up at Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca.

Okay, not quite like Ilsa showing up at Rick’s Cafe.

Yesterday I read that Scott had signed a one-year contract with the Florida Panthers. Scott’s got a job. He’s still in the big leagues! I’m happy for him and I hope we’ll be able to start a brand new 2013-14 “When Will Scott Score?” countdown. It was great fun and I’ll always have a place in my heart for Scott for giving me this joy.

The Canadiens recently picked up George Parros from the Florida Panthers. It means the Florida Panthers gave up a tough guy and got Scott Gomez, who smiles and waves his stick menacingly from four feet away. George is kind of the anti-Scott.

But Florida fans will say that at least they have a guy who can bring some offence. Scott and offence go together like exercise and hangovers.

George Parros only scores a couple a year because he gets very little ice time. Scott Gomez, with all kinds of ice time including on the power play, didn’t score in an entire year. Scott takes the puck from his blueline to the next, then bails out. He’s good at that. Smooth as silk for thirty feet.

George will let others carry the puck and do all that fancy stuff. He’s got other things to do.

Yes, I was thinking about Scott and a day or two later he was in the news. It’s weird how that happens.



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