5 thoughts on “Scientific Up-To-Date Tracking”

  1. Danno, Pittsburgh has now won nine straight after beating Boston, so we need to do that too.

  2. It’s better the Penguins won and especially that they did it in regulation time so the Bruins didn’t even get a loser point. Yes, it puts them ahead of us by two points, but we have a game in hand and will face Buffalo (twice) as well as the Icelanders next week – who are relatively weaker teams.

    Then it gets interesting when we face off against Pittsburgh and Boston the following week.

    Frankly, it would be really nice to remain in first place until the end of the season, but as long as we make the playoff (which seems almost certain now) I am really happy with the way this team has turned things around.

    Finishing second, third or even fourth may even work to our advantage depending on who we will end up meeting in the first round.

  3. Danno, the Canucks are a perfect example of why finishing first doesn’t mean a whole lot. But it sure feels good to see our lads way up in the penthouse.

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