12 thoughts on “Say It Ain’t So, Sidney”

  1. Crosby was a Habs fan at one point in his life? Quick, start the ‘Crosby to Montreal for Halak, Higgins, Plekanec and a third round pick’ rumors!

  2. Lawrence, did you ever think about becoming a librarian or something, that might make your life a little more exciting? How about a backbencher?
    Or maybe a senator in the Senate? Or are you lacking vitamin B?

  3. Lawrence is just reiterating what the ancient Greeks knew all along: at some point the time comes to leave childhood behind and `put away’
    those pesty parents: Oedipus, Electra and Cronus come to mind. Dennis, Lawrence is clearly letting you know that beneath his placid exterior lurks …… Beware! Be Warned!

  4. This is old news to me. I was onto this whole “CROSBY WILL SIGN IN MONTREAL” thing two years ago, until he signed a huge contract with the Pens. But Ovechkin likes Montreal.

  5. Chicks do dig teeth…to a certain extent……Chicks also dig talent. Big huge hulky talent— it can be Canadian or Swedish (or even Russian.) Chicks really dig when their team sweeps an all Canadian roadtrip! Can’t wait ’til the 24th for the next meeting…and not ppv! Go Canucks!!!!

  6. I think the reason Crosby grew up a Habs Fan was because his

    father Troy was drafted by Montreal as a goalie in the same draft

    as Mario Lemieux…….

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