Say Hi To Little Dennis

I found a mannequin of a nine year old boy, dressed him up, and here he is. Even the shin pads under the socks have the Habs crest on them. I’ve collected old Habs kids’ equipment for years, and the stuff you see here dates back from the mid-fifties to mid-sixties. I have older and rarer sweaters than what you see here, but they’re all under glass and it would be quite a hassle to take one out for this young fellow.

Everything here is the same as I had when I was nine years old, and that’s why I call him Little Dennis.

So far Luci has let me keep him in the living room but I’m not sure how long that’s going to last.

20 thoughts on “Say Hi To Little Dennis”

  1. All I can say Dennis, is that your wife is a saint and she must love you very, very, very much.
    You are a lucky man!


  2. Noella, I see nothing wrong with having a Habs mannequin in the livimg room. In fact, I think you should do the same!

  3. I keep hearing the #Habs are too small, but this is ridiculous!

    Please don’t let Mr. Gauthier see him or he will try and sign him for a long-term multi-million dollar contract.

  4. Danno, these old helmets were normal attire for a kid or even junior or senior in the 1950’s. Look at how much protection it gave. Nothing on top. How come there was no epidemic of concussions?

  5. Dennis, it just supports the argument that many people are making (including even Don Cherry) which is that the armour-plated protective equipment of today is turning shoulder pads etc. into lethal weapons. The player who throws the hit at full speed feels almost nothing while the player receiving the impact can suffer a career-ending blow. The NHL needs to review equipment standards especially in view of the alarming number of players suffering concussions this year alone.

  6. If you’re watching a game and the Habs score and he happens to cheer as well, I would advise you to move him to the garage just in case…

  7. Christopher is right. Little Dennis does have that blank expression on his face like J-Mart used to have behind the bench. Plus he moves with the speed of Hal Gill and has the snow-white complexion of Lars Eller.

    He needs skates…

  8. Darth, I tried to move him to the garage but he came back out. He just likes to be near the TV I think.

  9. Christopher, that’s it! You’ve found the answer! Jacques Martin was actually a mannequin! Now it all makes sense.

  10. No way, Danno. He’s way faster than Hal Gill.
    Skates are a tough one. There’s lots of old skates on different eBay sites but I’m looking for a special type, a pair with the CH on them, and I think such a thing exists but may never come up. But I keep my eye out.

  11. Dennis, do you even own a shovel?

    I guess snow tires are an oddity you see on out-of-town cars.

    And do you really have a banana tree?

    It’s minus 28 degrees – with the wind chill – in the Nation’s Capital.

    I’m sick of winter already and I’m moving to Powell River.

    There goes your neighbourhood…

  12. Danno, I don’t own a shovel, I don’t plug in the car, I have two banana trees and about nine palm trees. And the house next door is for sale if you’re interested.

  13. Mike, all you have to do to have palms in Toronto is to have a heater and sun lamp installed in your back yard and don’t let any snow or cold weather near it. There you go. Let me know how it all works out.

  14. God I hate winter. What a pain in the ass it is. I’d rather go on a 6 hour road trip with the Bruins than endure winter. Freezing cold, ice everywhere, snow, having to shovel snow, freezing rain, ice pellets, etc. What a drag.

    I think I’ll move to Hawaii, try to get a team put there (eat your heart out other teams) and live on a beach. Hopefully I’ll get used to seeing all the gals in bikinis, but it’s a hard cruel world that we live in and I’ll try to survive it somehow.

  15. Darth, the way to beat cold winters is not to go out in them. Or drive in them as little as possible. Sort of hibernate as much as you can. Pretty sure Hawaii won’t get a team but Vegas might.

  16. Hawaii, Powell River or even Las Vegas all sound wonderful. I don’t care about the palm or banana trees, I just want to be somewhere I don’t have to duct tape my balls to my thighs to prevent them from rising into my gut. The gut is big enough already and any available space is reserved for beer.

  17. @Christopher spoken like a true guy from the *Hammer* always leave room for the beer (biere)!

  18. Mike do you remember when “The Hammer” started being used to refer to Hamilton? I don’t remember it ever used when I lived there. Did it start around the time Stelco started going bankrupt? Was giving up Steeltown part of the bankruptcy conditions?

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