Say Hi To Carey And PK On Sunday

So what happens is this. The boys take to the ice on Saturday night and clobber the visiting Tampa Bay guys, then those of you living in the Montreal area can wake up on Sunday, go to the bank, withdraw $555.00, then head over to Boisbriand to meet Carey, PK, Travis and Josh. Oh yeah, this includes your guest as well.

Danno sent this link along, and he asked if this kind of money for a photo and autograph is normal. Well, it’s not normal. It’s ridiculous.  And I can’t stand it.

I can give you another example. Gordie Howe was in Powell River several year ago for an autograph signing at a local grocery store. I didn’t go but my friend Jordy did, and here’s what he told me. A signed Howe jersey cost $500, and you had to supply the jersey. A signed stick was $200 and yes, you supplied the stick. Pucks and other miscellaneous items were also $200 and yes, you supplied the puck etc. And a signed photo was $60, and guess what, you supplied that too.

These companies pay these players a huge lump sum and then recoup their money by gouging, and I mean gouging, the public. At least that’s how it usually works. But lots of people pay these kinds of prices so there you go.


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  1. At a show in Toronto in the spring Bobby Hull was signing – jerseys 85. premium items 75 – regular items 65 and his agent was sitting beside him counting what was signed.

    The following day Marc Messier was scheduled to sign – jerseys 300. premium 150 reg items 100. OR you could get a “deal” for 1 grand he will talk to you while he signs items for you.

    I got an auto from Bower for 10.00 and my Cournoyer jersey signed for 35. from Cournoyer.

    I get some autographs just by sending cards to the players and asking nicely all it costs is a stamp and a self-addressed stamped envelope and patience.

  2. Thanks Habbykins. It’s all quite silly isn’t it. Half the autographs you can’t read anyway. I think it’s another sign that the world is ending.

  3. Hey Dennis, Terrible indeed,there is no way that should take place,what happens to the poor kid that doesnt have these kind of dollars but idolizes the Habs and these particular players.I was a the Bell Centre a few years ago and came upon Yvon Lambert,he graciuosly signed an autograph,no questions asked.

  4. The problem is that for every little kid that truly wants the autograph of his hockey idol, there are five that are using their cuteness to get the autograph just so that it can be sold to a trader or on eBay. Nowadays these things are more commodities to be bought and sold rather than mementos to be cherished.

  5. Derry, it bugs me. We grew without this crap. Charging is one thing. Charging $555 is another.

  6. Those prices don’t surprise me but when you had to bring the items yourself, that takes the cake. What a rip-off. I’d love an autograph by some of legends, but at these prices? No way. If I were a hockey player at an event like this I’d feel really shitty about it all. I know there will be people there who only want my signature to make money off it elsewhere, but to pass by the real fans who would love my sig because they can’t afford it is really lousy.

    If this was a charity auction then that’s different but this is really greedy.

    The 1 grand “deal” for Messier is really outrageous.

    There was a story about Lecavalier that came out a few months ago about him refusing to sign a kid’s autograph because he was “busy”. He made the kid wait over half and hour and then took off leaving the kid with nothing. That’s really disgusting.

    Our world today is a real downer.

  7. Darth, I think you’re right. The world is in trouble. I mean, look at the Kardashians. And yes, that Messier thing is a mind-blower. A thousand bucks to chat? I wouldn’t give him a cent to chat. I used to be a semi driver, so maybe Messier plays hockey better than me but I’m sure I drive truck better than him. So in my book, that makes us equal.

  8. Speaking of Lecavalier a friend of my son is related to a member of the Lightning and says that Lecavalier is considered to be one giant jerk of a personality……

  9. Hi Dennis

    I am far from an autograph sort of person.But sometimes the opportunity does arise.

    Back in the 1990s Gordie Howe was doing his White Spot/Ron Toigo thing at a Delta Ice Hawks PIJHL Jr B game in Ladner.The White Spot had(I believe) a sponsorship/advertising deal with the PIJHL.

    I got Gordie Howe’s autograph on a Delta Ice Hawks programme.Many fans brought jerseys,photos,NHL programmes etc. and Gordie signed them all cheerfully and at no cost.

    When Gordie was signing my programme there was a big on ice hit just below the signing location.Gordie noticed and with a sparkle in his eye said ‘Nice hit’.


  10. @Derry, I was at the old Forum & you guessed it Yvon Lambert signed his autograph & also posed for a photo my wife Diana took no questions asked, no monetary transactions were requested. Some seem to respect the average fan as it was us who paid their salaries!

  11. Hey Dennis,Yes Mike,Yvon was a good guy,he signed my ticket for me and I left.I was in Kelowna years ago and the Bure brotheres were there signing pictures that you had to pay between 5 and 25 dollars for,then they signed them,there were over 100,000 fans there as the tickets were numbered beyond that,think ov the money that was made there,Valeri had only just been drafted by the Habs and had never played for them yet.

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