Saturday Swami

It’s a bit before the Saturday evening games, and with the Habs so close to 8th spot and even higher, I look at these games tonight and decide who I want to win to help Montreal’s cause.

I think I’d like to see the Rangers beat Buffalo. Buffalo is only a point better than Montreal, while NY sits further up. So it’s first things first, which means climbing over Buffalo in the standings.

Vancouver is a no-brainer against Ottawa. The western teams can beat the eastern teams, except Montreal of course, anytime they want. The west has the power to help the Habs’ cause.

I’d like to see the Islanders beat Pittsburgh. The Islanders are way down and they don’t worry me. Except next Tuesday.

Philadelphia beating Tampa Bay would be fine, I suppose. Tampa’s trailing the Canadiens by five points, while Philly’s way up there.

I’m hoping Detroit beats Winnipeg. This year at least, the Jets are in the east and battling Montreal for a playoff spot.

And last but not least, it would be nice to see Columbus against Boston. Again, there’s that east-west thing.

Now it’s just sit back and wait for a couple of hours and see how it all plays out.

A few hours later……..

Four out of six that I wanted to win, won. – Rangers, Vancouver, Philadelphia, and Detroit. So no one jumped over us and we remain a hair from 8th place. And two back from catching Toronto. But Montreal has played a game or two more than anyone else so it’s still not great.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Swami”

  1. Sorry Dennis but I think it’s too soon to give up on getting to the top of the conference. If we can’t pass the mediocre teams on our own we don’t deserve to be leading the league. I’ll always cheer for another Canadian team over one from the US, even though Detroit is one of the classiest organizations after Montreal. But the most important thing is no stupid 3 point games.

  2. Chris, I think the only time I look at it as a Canadian thing is in the finals. Then if it’s Canada vs. the US. I’ll go for the Canadians. But in general, I don’t care where the team is when it comes to helping the Habs move up.

  3. Dennis, we’re still only eight points out of first place in the conference.

    What a wild and crazy roller coaster ride this is shaping up to be.

  4. i always cheer for a team based on the immediate positive impact they have on the habs situation. i’m a canadian and proud to be one most of the time. i happen to also love the u.s.a. having lived and worked there a lot. i love americans just as i love canadians. they are lovely people as are canadians altho most of them are morons as most canadians are. i dislike their politics and politicians just as i dislike ours. if chicago meets vancouver in the semi-final i will cheer for chicago simply because it is a way cooler city…………….to echo chris’ comment, no stupid 3 point games………………. anyone know the parade route?

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